Real time energy management software for Macau water utility

Macao Water Supply Company Limited is the only water supply company in Macao which has four water treatment plants with total capacity of 390,000 m3/d. In 2017, SUEZ won the contract to implement the AQUADVANCED® Energy system and maintain it for the next five years. A feasibility study showed that Macao Water would benefit from implementing the AQUADVANCED® Energy System in a number of operational and financial areas.
The mission

Using AQUADVANCED® Energy System to reduce overall costs

AQUADVANCED® Energy system can help Macao Water reduce total costs in the following six ways:

  • Operate pumps on tariff profile to maximize utilization of low cost energy
  • Efficient selection of pumps, and pump combinations, to give optimal energy improvements
  • Efficient use of tank levels in minimizing hydraulic lift and cutting the cost of pumping water
  • Selecting the lowest cost source of water
  • Selecting the lowest cost transportation path for water
  • Shifting electrical load to maximize use of lowest cost tariff periods
Our solution
The AQUADVANCED® Energy system, developed by SUEZ, is a proven real-time optimization system for water distribution networks. It brings down energy costs while maximizing operational performance, water quality and energy efficiency, leading to an improved environmental footprint. Based on predicted demand and online hydraulic models, the system schedules water treatment plants, pumps and valves for 48 hours to achieve the lowest OPEX.
In addition to financial gains, Macao Water can achieve a series of operational benefits that include adaptive prediction of water demand for each zone, schedules required for delivery, consistent system operations with 24/7 automated decision support, streamlined coordination of operations planning and scheduled maintenance and improvements in water quality. All this while maintaining operational efficiency.
The result

Macao Water’s AQUADVANCED® Energy System Implementation project started in Sept. 2017.  Plans are underway to complete it by the end of 2018.


With the implementation of the AQUADVANCED® Energy System, an expected cost reduction of 7% per year for the network could be realized by effective dynamic operation of the storage capacity, pump station selection, treatment plant selection and pump selection. This will be supported by dynamic calculation of differences in efficiency for different pumping combinations in real time.