Asia sustainable development targets for 2021

Working in the environmental service sector, we feel even more responsible to lead by example. We must allow our sustainable decisions to speak for themselves.

Steve Clark-CEO of SUEZ Asia

A steering tool
SUEZ established the Group’s 2017-2021 Sustainable Development Roadmap, which is built on four priorities providing strategic direction on 17 commitments. By taking into account the local context in Asia, we have distilled the focus to 13 commitments and developed the Sustainable Development Targets for 2021, which guide our sustainability efforts and help ensure that sustainability considerations are integrated into our business decisions and functions.

Referencing the Group’s 2017-2021 Sustainable Development Roadmap, the Asia Sustainable Development Targets for 2021 was developed in 2017 covering all activities in the region, and is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Priority 1

Be a collaborative, open and responsible company

Priority 2

Be a leader in the circular and low-carbon economy

Priority 3

Support our customers’ environmental transitions with concrete solutions

Priority 4

Contribute to the common good