Our corporate social responsability (CSR) commitments

The ecological transition requires collective mobilization. It involves our teams, our customers and our partners, but also the beneficiaries of our facilities and our host communities. Together, we will step up our actions to promote basic rights, not to mention the health and safety of the people at the heart of our value chain. Their expertise is what drives our success. We will continue to work closely in communities, everywhere we operate, in an effort to reconcile human and economic development as well as increasing the positive impact of our businesses. Our progress is collective. Corporate Social Responsibility is our guiding principle. We are steadfastly committed to it.
Our commitments
Our "Social" approach is based on 3 levers and 8 commitments:
Guaranteeing sustainability with universal values




Enforce basic rights among our value chain

# of basic rights infringement

0 from 2023

# of corruption cases

% of FTEs (1) covered by a social dialogue mechanism

> 92 by 2027

% of at-risk suppliers monitored

100 % by 2027

Make Health & Safety our top priority each and every day
(learn more about health and safety)

Frequency rate

< 6,64 from 2023

Severity rate

< 0,546 from 2023

Growing skills and fostering employee engagement




Upskill our teams

% of people trained in the workforce per year

80 % from 2023

Promote equal opportunities

% of FTEs (1) in the workforce of people with disabilities (Global)

> 4 % by 2027

Eliminate the gender gap

% of women in management positions

> 40 % by 2027

Global gender pay gap (Global)

> 85 by 2027

Foster collective engagement

% of Employees’ shareholding

10 % by 2029 (2)

# of hours of voluntary work from SUEZ employees with local associations/causes

Available in 2023

Engagement rate (Pulse)

+10 vs benchmark from 2023

Net Promoter Score

↑ from 2023

Contributing to the sustainable development of communities, everywhere we operate




Support access to basic services in most critical situations

% of customers (water & sanitation services) covered by a solidarity mechanism

100% of new contracts covered (3) from 2023

% of water distribution contracts “profiled” towards water poverty (i.e., mapping of areas at risk regarding availability, accessibility or affordability of services)

100 % by 2027

Contribute to local wealth and inclusion for all

% of FTEs (2) paid at a decent wage (after 2 years of operation, in countries where legal minimum is either too low or non-existant)

100 % by 2027

% of local SMEs among suppliers

20% of spending allocated to local SMEs by 2027

# of beneficiaries of SUEZ inclusive structures & job inclusion programs

 5,000 persons per year by 2027

€ spent with inclusive structures (i.e., employing vulnerable people; work reintegration facilities [ESATs] in France)

Group trajectory to be defined by baseline from 2023

Our commitments are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our actions

We are already taking actions!

We strive for social inclusion in France’s environmental sector

Rebond Insertion was inspired by a simple fact: the manual waste sorting business at selective collection sorting centers can be an excellent platform for integrating people with long term unemployement. Founded by SUEZ in 2002, this partnership focuses on waste collection, delegated management and sorting services at 13 sites in France. This pioneering initiative is a strong  reflection of SUEZ’s commitment to inclusion. For 2020-2025, Rebond Insertion aims to “mobilize inclusion for the environmental and social transition of communities and companies alike.” As a result, in 2021, 127 additional jobs were created for employees enrolled in professional integration programs.
integrated in 2021


supported in 20 years (6,500 have returned to work)

We champion inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities

Launched in January 2021, the WO&MEN network upholds the values of respect, solidarity and sharing. Its purpose is to stimulate discussions between men and women at SUEZ and encourage self-reflection and shared experiences, as well as creating a trusting environment to tackle the obstacles that women may encounter in their professional development. The network also acts as a think tank, promoting the causes of gender equality and diversity. WO&MEN paves the way for new lines of thinking on challenges women face throughout their careers, without undermining the Group’s HR policy.

Across our sites, we protect employees from the risk of collision

Whether between vehicles or pedestrians and vehicles, the risk of collision is the number one danger in all our businesses. It is often caused by unsafe individual behavior or a failure to comply with basic rules. Since 2017, we have implemented Restricted Access Zones (RAZ) to secure areas with one or more heavy machines in operation. All stakeholders must check that it is safe to move before doing so, particularly in a RAZ which is the most accident-prone area. The established general rules for access and safety have significantly contributed to managing the risk of vehicule-pedestrian collisions. Factoring in operational requirements, that we gradually added to these instructions, led to the development of a new version of the RAZ standard in 2022.
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(1) Full-time equivalent.
(2) 2027-2029 for internal communications purposes.
(3) If and when authorized by proposals.