Sustainability management approach

We recognise the importance of having a robust management approach to ensure the smooth and effective implementation of our sustainable development strategy across our business segments, set objectives, monitor performance and ensure overall accountability.
Sustainability management oversight

At SUEZ Group, the “CSR, Innovation, Ethics, Water and Sustainable Planet” Committee has strategic oversight over compliance with the individual and collective values of which we base the directions and the rules of conduct of all employees. The Committee is also responsible for examining all sustainable development matters and assessing the sustainable development indicators as well as the 2017-2021 Sustainable Development Roadmap. In the regional level, we formulate sustainable development guidelines and practices which follows the Group’s directions. We also adopt the 2017-2021 Sustainable Development Roadmap to the regional version of Sustainable Development Targets for 2021.

Sustainable development experts from the headquarters and all regions form the SUEZ Sustainable Development Network. Lead by the headquarters, the network provides all regions with updates on the Group’s sustainability directions and serves as a platform for sharing and exchange. The Sustainable Development team in Asia works with the Asia Sustainability Steering Committee as well as collaborators from different business areas and joint ventures to executive regional initiatives.

Asia Sustainability Steering Committee
The Asia Sustainability Steering Committee is established in 2020, with the aim to provide strategic direction to the implementation the regional Sustainable Development Targets for 2021, as well as overseeing the performance on these targets. The Steering Committee also has oversight on the risks and opportunities arising from the region’s sustainable development strategies and governance framework from country governments. The Steering Committee is chaired by the CEO of SUEZ Asia and consists of senior managements from the business areas and major departments.