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Our development

In Greater China, SUEZ through its subsidiary, SUEZ NWS Limited,  a joint venture established between SUEZ and NWS Holdings Limited, helps authorities and industries clients in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan develop innovative solutions for climate change and sustainable resource management. In Southeast Asia, SUEZ has started its journey since 1953 with presence in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. We are committed to helping authorities and industrial clients develop smart and reliable solutions to best manage water and waste.

Our development in Greater China

Sustainable resource management is important everywhere. But in China, it is critical. SUEZ was one of the first foreign enterprises to invest in China. Our presence in China for more than 45 years makes SUEZ a preferred partner in helping authorities and industrial clients develop innovative solutions for climate change and sustainable resource management. Today SUEZ has more than 70 projects based on partnerships with local authorities and companies spanning Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and so on, with over 32 million people benefiting from our water and waste services. We are recognized as one of the most influential and benchmarking environmental companies in the industry. Moreover, China’s environmental resource concerns are unique, and we cannot rely on imported technologies from abroad to address them all. Since 2006, SUEZ has established four R&D centres in Shanghai and Chongqing designed to develop solutions that are tailor-made for local needs.

Our milestones in Greater China

1975: Treatment Infrastructure (formerly named as “Degrémont) entered China market
1985: Macao Water, the first water concession contract in Asia, was established
1987: Recycling and Recovery (formerly named as “SITA Waste Services”) started its business in Hong Kong
1992: Establishment of Water Operations (formerly named as “Sino French Water”), dedicated to Mainland China’s water industry
2000: First waste-to-energy project in Taiwan began operations
2002: Start of the 50-year Chongqing Water concession
2003: Launch of the first hazardous waste project in Mainland China located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park
2008: SUEZ and NWS Holdings purchased 15% of Chongqing Water Group, becoming its second largest shareholders.
2015: SUEZ, NWS Holdings and Chongqing Water Assets jointly established the largest environmental investment platform in China – Derun Environment
2017: SUEZ and NWS Holdings expanded partnership to all SUEZ businesses in Greater China
2019: Acquisition of Environmental Testing Laboratory Business of ALS in China, marking its first foray into China’s environmental quality monitoring market
Our development in Southeast Asia

SUEZ has started its journey in Southeast Asia since 1953 to help the authorities achieve sustainable development goals. We have built more than 300 water and wastewater treatment plants and are committed to designing innovative solutions that create value for our customers, the cities and industry. In the recent years, we contribute to the region’s circular economy by developing smart solutions in Singapore and building waste to energy plant and plastic waste recycling plant in Thailand.

Our milestones in Southeast Asia

-    In Indonesia, we have built more than 190 water and wastewater treatment plants since 1953
-    In Vietnam, SUEZ has been working closely with local authorities to provide sustainable solutions for drinking water and wastewater since 1955
-    In Thailand, our first water contract was signed in 1957. In 2019, our footprint extended to waste-to-energy and plastic waste recycling
-    In Malaysia, SUEZ won its first design & build contract in Johor-State in 1963. Since then, the Group has won 25 more of its kind, in addition to securing DBO, BOT & O&M contracts
-    In the Philippines, SUEZ has had a presence since 1978. In 2020, we won a new contract to design, build a wastewater treatment development in Manila
-    In Singapore, SUEZ first worked closely with the Public Utilities Board (PUB) in 1963, and since 2015 on smart environmental projects such as smart solutions for stormwater management, smart metering, and innovative water mains cleaning

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