AQUADVANCED unique soft suite dedicated to drinking water

Securing water quality, water stress, energy efficiency are the challenges facing water utilities and regional authorities, against the backdrop of ever stricter regulatory, economic and environmental demands. With the AQUADVANCED unique soft suite dedicated to drinking water, SUEZ offers a number of modules that each specifically address the issues facing water utilities.
Aquadvanced range

Improving the performance of drinking water networks

The AQUADVANCED® solutions for drinking water improve¬ the performance of production systems and distribution networks by:


  • limiting water losses and continuously monitoring the quality of the water in the network
  • reducing operating costs and conserving legacy assets through increased reactivity and the optimised operation of the infrastructures
  • optimising energy consumption and securing the operation of facilities
  • providing transparent data and operations


The AQUADVANCED® suite is made up of three software applications for the optimal management of drinking water: 

AQUADVANCED® Networks is a solution dedicated to the continuous monitoring and the performance of drinking water distribution networks

A map- and theme-based dashboard dedicated to the real-time performance of drinking water distribution networks. This solution collects, processes and makes the masses of daily data from the various existing management systems readily accessible: supervision systems, sensors, GIS, smart meters, operations management systems, CRM, etc. In this way, it allows for the optimal management of the performance of the network and the water quality by using data science to smartly detect incidents, such as leaks or pollution.

AQUADVANCED® Energy secures the 24x7 production of drinking water and rationalises operating costs by defining optimal operating strategies that make the best possible use of off-peak power rates

A system that globally optimises the drinking water production and distribution system by taking action in real time to increase operational efficiency, cut energy costs and reduce the environmental footprint. AQUADVANCED® Energy uses the data collected from the production-distribution system, the calculation of water consumption forecasts and energy prices to model the information and define the optimised pumping strategies that are implemented automatically.  Consequently, it secures the 24x7 operation of the system, while cutting operating costs and conserving the infrastructures.

AQUADVANCED® Well Watch is a continuous surveillance and monitoring solution for drilling operations and their pumps

This dashboard continuously monitors and optimises wells and their pumps, calculates the performance indicators required to monitor the productivity of the facilities, optimises the yield of the pumps and improves the choice of pumps, raises alerts in the event of an incident and consolidates the history of maintenance operations.

Making the most of the data mass to manage water

The AQUADVANCED® Water Networks, AQUADVANCED® Energy and AQUADVANCED® Well Watch solutions offer a complete range of tools that address all the issues facing water utilities, from the detection of leaks and the monitoring of water quality, to the securing of operations, the conservation of infrastructures, the reduction of operating costs and energy efficiency.
With these three software applications, AQUADAVANCED® offers a range of real-time functionality, from a smart dashboard, to optimised and predictive system control.  Through the use of data science, these solutions combine the water utility’s historical expertise with the very best data processing methods.