Making every manager a leader in the smart and sustainable management of resources

As we transform our activities, we are supporting the career development of our managers to improve the skills and the performance of our teams, to create a common culture and speed up the transformation process.

Identifying and training future leaders

SUEZ has defined  5 Leadership Attitudes:
  • Customer focus
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Cooperation
  • Learning from differences
  • Commitment
The definition of these Leadership Attitudes on a Group-wide scale has to meet a number of needs:
    • Supporting the transformation and the strategy of the group
    • Reinforcing the Group’s identity by promoting its know-how
    • Identifying the strengths and the individual development opportunities for its managers
    • Creating a common language that will inform management of the attitudes to be promoted for the Group to succeed.
    These attitudes provide support for talent, by defining paths for development, enabling them to succeed in key functions.

    These leadership attitudes are also at the heart of the various leadership development programs created in 2015: Learning with Stakeholders, Learning from Differences and Learning from Others.

    Helping every manager to prepare for the future

    Every manager benefits from a personalized and made-to-measure training programs allowing them to progress and develop their career in the direction that best suits them.

    Supporting our experts through their careers

    We call on our world-renowned expertise in the management of water and the recycling and recovery of waste. A network of top-level experts with precious know-how that we have developed year-on-year and promotes and distributes this knowledge internally.

    Our experts are a key resource

    Expertise is a key factor of its performance and development, which is why we believe that supporting our experts in their development is a top priority of our human resources policy. We’ve implemented a dedicated policy to capitalize on their contribution and to support their development in the company. This policy is based on close collaboration between Human Resources department and the technical and business divisions.


    Our experts are identified on the basis of key qualities:

    • An expertise that is sufficiently valuable to represent a commercial advantage for SUEZ
    • Ability to use this knowledge in complex and uncertain environments
    • Capability to train their colleagues and transferring their know-how
    • Develop their fields of expertise by designing new tools and approaches, or by broadening their scope of application
    • Recognized as experts in their fields and can act as ambassadors for SUEZ in their areas.


    Throughout their careers, they receive special attention in order to develop their skills, with coaching and adapted training tools. We have defined the technical know-how in each of its lines of business, so that it can be effectively shared by its network of experts. We also invite our experts to improve their skills in non-technical fields, such as leadership and communications.

    WIKTI™ - a tool designed to share know-how

    We have developed a methodology to internally transfer knowledge in the realm of water, called WIKTI™ (Water International Knowledge Transfer Initiative). This management tool, based on our expertise, helps employees to improve their operational performance. It works by transferring knowledge to local teams using made-to-measure action plans that are defined, implemented and controlled by WIKTI.