Be the partner of choice for our customers, our teams, our stakeholders

At SUEZ, customers come first. It is our responsibility to deliver excellence to them, and even to go beyond.

Our model of doing business in Asia, especially in China, is through joint ventures with local partners. Through this collaborative approach, we've built over hundreds solid, long-term collaborations with municipal and industrial partners in major hubs like China (Macau, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, Qingdao etc.) and Southeast Asia (Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam etc.).

We favor a long-term strategy approach based on forging integrated relationships with our partners. We blend existing local management know-how with our own expertise in operational and performance delivery, to create collaborations that thrive on mutual respect, knowledge transfer and win-win outcomes.

Our clients recognize SUEZ's technical proficiencies and financial capabilities but additionally they trust us for who we are. They know that, by teaming up with us, they get a transparent, reliable, long-term partner who intimately understands and cares about their needs. Their problems are our problems, and we are always proactive in dealing with issues when they arise.

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In Asia, SUEZ’s journey began some 70 years ago, first in Southeast Asia before expanding to China nearly 50 years ago. With 6,500+ employees across Asia, SUEZ has built over 600 water and wastewater treatment plants. Together with our local partners, we also manage over 40 contracts, providing water and waste recycling and recovery services to 25+ million people and 20 industrial parks across the region.