Working at SUEZ means acting for the environment

Positively contribute to the future of our planet

Working at SUEZ means seeking to protect and restore the planet’s natural capital: water, soil and air. It means protecting people's security in terms of public health and hygiene with waste collection and sanitation services. It means contributing to the development of regions and businesses.

Innovate with new technologies, solutions and practices

At SUEZ, we believe that in order to resolve the resource challenges confronting our societies, we must move from a linear model to a circular model (reuse, recovery...). We must work differently and bring new solutions.

Work together to solve tomorrow’s challenges

In the age of the knowledge-sharing economy, open source and exchanges facilitated by technological innovation, we have a responsibility to place openness and collaboration at the heart of our activities.

Embark on an exciting and fulfilling career

At SUEZ, our commitment as an employer is to offer all motivated employees a career based on developing their professional skills and expertise.

Develop as an individual in a supportive environment

At SUEZ, we believe that our primary asset is the Group's employees. That's why we pay special attention to respecting their identity and their fulfilment.