SUEZ is leading the way in delivering smart and sustainable resource management solutions right across Asia.
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About us

SUEZ in Asia

In Asia, SUEZ draws on our global and local expertise to shape a sustainable environment, now. We are one of the first foreign enterprises to invest in China whilst with a history of nearly 70 years in Asia. We help businesses, governments and communities to protect, access and optimize the use of natural resources and create new resources through reuse and recycling of water and waste.
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Committed to the sustainable development in this region

In Greater China, SUEZ helps authorities and industries clients in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan develop innovative solutions for climate change and sustainable resource management.


In the rest of Asia, SUEZ has started its journey since 1953 with presence in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, etc. We are committed to helping authorities and industrial clients develop smart and reliable solutions to best manage water and waste.

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Successful projects across Asia

In Asia, SUEZ is committed to providing access to essential environmental services for everyone. We supply high-quality water, suited to every type of use, and ensure the protection of this common good. We recover wastewater and waste to convert them into new resources.

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Governance is about fostering responsible performance

SUEZ management team in Asia brings together experienced experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds, defining the company’s strategic direction.