Sludge treatment and recycling

Sludge is an inevitable byproduct of wastewater treatment, which, if treated improperly, will extensively pollute the environment. Due to the complex composition, sludge, which contains pathogenic microorganisms, parasitic eggs, toxic heavy metals and refractory substances, causes secondary pollution to water, soil and atmosphere. It also poses a serious threat to the ecological environment, if not applied with harmless treatment. In addition, sludge landfill squeezes the scarce land, resulting in waste of resources. However, sludge is a misplaced resource, not waste. If properly utilized, the sludge can be used as a valuable fuel or feedstock.
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A source to renewable energy

With advanced patented technology, creative solutions and strict management, SUEZ has effectively achieved centralized treatment and utilization of sludge in 4 cities of China already. We constructed, and now operate, 5 sludge treatment projects, treat and recycle up to 2,640 tons of sludge every day.
tons of wet sludge treated every day


operational sludge treatment projects