Increasing world population, urbanisation, and new modes of production and consumption create a dual challenge, combining public health and environmental protection. On a global scale, sewerage and stormwater network management is a crucial issue for the preservation of the natural environment and the long-term future of urban lifestyles. SUEZ develops solutions to challenge conventional approaches, replacing them with innovative, dynamic sewerage and stormwater management systems.

Ensuring sewerage network performance to enhance living conditions and the natural environment

There are two types of sewerage system. Combined systems discharge some or all of the surface water into the foul water drainange system, while separate systems always keep them apart. Even if the collection principles are different, the operational standards remain the same.
Performance is a crucial factor in choosing the right sewerage system. Meeting the wastewater and stormwater challenge is a transformative act, designed to improve people’s living conditions and foster cities’ resilience. In a context of accrued sustainability, transparency, environmental protection and related regulations, sewer and drainage networks must be considered an integral part of the full water cycle.
Today, operators are seeking to manage wastewater in a responsible, more sustainable and efficient way.

Enabling you to provide a quality wastewater collection and treatment service

We have developed 5 flexible solutions, which can be combined to offer adapted suitable answer to every need, in terms of sewer and stormwater management, from diagnosis, network management and inflow management, to asset management and environmental protection. This comprehensive solution enables us to optimise your sewerage network performance and limit its impact on the environment.
Control center

Improve service quality and enhance your city’s resilience

We offer innovative techniques to guarantee continuity of service, limit the impact of rainfall events on the economy, daily life and safety, anticipate emergency situations and increase transparency amongst stakeholders.
Reduce your expenses

Reduce expenditure as well as optimising your assets and related investments

Our solutions help you reduce your operational expenditure. We also develop smart solutions to extend the lifespan of your network and encourage responsible operation and maintenance to optimise existing network performance.
Pond and green herb

Protect the environment

We implement solutions enabling you to anticipate the risk of pollution and to minimise the effects of polluant discharge. We also help you adhere to environmental standards.