Our development

In China, SUEZ entered the water market in 1975 and became one of the first foreign enterprises to invest in China’s environmental industry. Since then, we have witnessed the country’s rapid development in combining economic growth and environmental protection. Harnessing SUEZ’s global expertise and successful experiences, we help businesses, governments and communities develop smart and resilient solutions in water management, waste recycling and recovery, soil remediation and air treatment. Thus, making a positive impact on our environment, health and climate.


In the rest of Asia, SUEZ has started its journey in Southeast Asia since 1953. We build our first water and wastewater treatment plants in Indonesia, committed to helping authorities and industrial clients develop smart and reliable solutions to best manage water and waste in Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and more.

Our development in China

Sustainable resource management is important and in China, it is critical. SUEZ was one of the first foreign enterprises to invest in China. Our presence and milestones achieved in China for more than 45 years makes SUEZ a preferred partner in helping authorities and industrial clients develop innovative solutions for climate change and sustainable resource management.


SUEZ has more than 40 contracts based on partnerships with local authorities and companies in China, with over 25 million people benefiting from our water and waste services. We are recognized as one of the most influential and benchmarking environmental companies in the industry.


Moreover, China’s environmental resource concerns are unique on its own, and we  venture beyond and not rely on imported technologies from abroad to address them all. Since 2003, SUEZ has developed R&D centres specialised in municipal and industrial water treatment, waste treatment in Shanghai, Chongqing and Beijing designed to develop solutions that are tailor-made for local needs.

Our milestones in China

1975: SUEZ entered the China water market through Degrémont
1985: SUEZ established Macao Water to operate its first water concession contract in Asia
1992: SUEZ launched its first water project on the Chinese Mainland
2002: SUEZ signed a 50-year contract with Chongqing Water Group, providing drinking water services to over 2.2 million inhabitants and commercial customers. SUEZ signed a 50-year contract with Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), providing industrial water and wastewater services to all clients in the Park.
2003: SUEZ partnered with SCIP to design, build and operate one of the largest incinerators in Asia to treat all the hazardous waste in SCIP.
2015: SUEZ and NWS, through their 50/50 joint venture Suyu, owned indirect stake of Derun Environment, becoming the strategic shareholder in both Chongqing Water Group and Chongqing Sanfeng Group.
2017: SUEZ and NWS expanded their long-term partnership by establishing a single platform  SUEZ NWS Limited,to manage all their water and waste business activities in China.
2021: SUEZ expands footprint in China with the acquisition of the non-controlling interests in its Chinese operations SUEZ NWS and Suyu under a single equity: SUEZ.

Our development in the rest of Asia

In Asia, the evolution of the water and waste industries are being driven by a number of challenges, among them are climate change, rapid population growth, increasing demand for natural resources, rising expenditures and heightened community expectations. These challenges are becoming particularly pressing in the Southeast Asia region. In the context of managing environmental resources, SUEZ brings a diverse portfolio of solutions that enables optimisation and protection, conformity with regulations and contributes to a circular economy.


Since 1953, SUEZ has been driving forward water and waste management services in the region and enhancing its expertise in the environmental services. Additionally, we have built over 600 water and wastewater plants in Asia (over 300 from Southeast Asia and China respectively).

Our milestones in the rest of Asia

  • In Indonesia, we have built more than 190 water and wastewater treatment plants since 1953.
  • In Vietnam, SUEZ has been working closely with local authorities to provide sustainable solutions for drinking water and wastewater since 1955.
  • In Thailand, our first contract was signed in 1957. The Group also secured important contract with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority for the supply of potable water to the city of Bangkok.
  • In Malaysia, SUEZ won its first design & build contract in Johor-State in 1963. Since then, the Group has won 25 more of its kind, in addition to securing DBO, BOT & O&M contracts.
  • In the Philippines, SUEZ has had a presence since 1978. In 2020, we won a new contract to design, build a wastewater treatment development in Manila. In the following year, we signed the design & build contract for Manila water treatment plant.
  • In Singapore, SUEZ first worked closely with the Public Utilities Board (PUB) in 1963, and since 2015 on smart environmental projects such as smart solutions for stormwater management, smart metering, and innovative water mains cleaning.
  • In Japan, SUEZ first introduced its water-related technology in the mid-fifties as SUEZ Degrémont® and historically has been involved in building hundreds of water and wastewater treatment plants.