Establishing an effective revenue management strategy is essential to ensure the sustainability of the activities of water service operators. Thanks to its business knowledge and technical expertise, SUEZ helps drinking water distribution companies optimise their revenue management processes, deploying innovative technologies to safeguard revenues and keep operational costs under control.
Your challenges

Putting customer processes at the centre of your revenue strategy

The true value of water today is largely underestimated. Distribution companies are now confronted with constraints to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of their services: reduced investments, water scarcity, fraud, ageing IT infrastructures, and rationalised consumption. At the global level, annual deficits linked to commercial water loss total around 4 billion euros. 
Management processes are now a major concern for operators seeking to continuously improve the quality of their service, while offsetting the decline in revenues and conserving resources. Several performance levers can be envisaged: 
  • Customer survey.
  • Measurement and control of consumption.
  • Metering and associated processes.
  • Billing, collection and management of unpaid bills.
Our solutions

Help you optimise your revenue strategy through qualitative customer processes

We offer a range of complementary and adaptable solutions in order to meet your revenue management goals. By increasing billing accuracy and improving customer service, we safeguard your revenues and reduce your operating costs. This integrated solution allows us to support you in increasing the quality of your service and optimising your revenues - within the framework of a responsible approach.
SUEZ Employee

Quality of service and user satisfaction be improved

We ensure quality customer service as well as accurate billing. We also offer solutions to reinforce your database in order to increase its utility and to initiate immediate action in the event of fraud.
Digitalise our systems

Reduce expenditure and increase revenue

We develop the intelligence of your network to enable you to control your costs and optimise your revenues and we help limit commercial losses by accurately measuring and invoicing customers’ actual water consumption.
Pond reflection

Water resources be conserved

Our smart metering equipment allows you to conserve water resources. We also take into account social and environmental aspects in revenue strategies to ensure the sustainable and responsible management of water resources.