Existing Challenges in Asia

Today, Asia, has become the engine of world economic growth. At the same time, trends like climate change, digital transformation, demographic shifts, and growing public expectations for better quality of life have given rise to a multitude of challenges and significant changes:

  • Asia is by far the largest and most populous continent, accounting for 60% of the world’s population;
  • Increasingly frequent floods, droughts, and extreme weather events threaten local environments and regional climates;
  • Climate change is set to drastically worsen water scarcity in areas where water is already in short supply.

China, together with other Southeast Asian countries, is stepping up efforts to address climate change, by constantly seeking innovative solutions to promote sustainable development. To meet the many climate challenges, we must start by preserving and restoring our environment. We must also optimize resource management in municipalities and industries through resilient and innovative solutions and smart city initiatives that improve environmental and economic performance and contribute to carbon neutrality goals.

Key figures in Asia

water and wastewater treatment plants built


people benefiting from our water and waste services


major cities in Asia where we operate





water and waste contracts


industrial parks receiving our environmental services

Our passion for environment

Every day, over 6,500 employees in Asia work together with our local partners to preserve our environment, making a positive impact on our climate, nature and society.

Trusted partner for our customers

The success of sustainable development depends on collective action and partnership. By understanding the needs of our customers and working together with our partners, SUEZ provides solutions for social development with our renowned know-how to create shared value for societies.

Smart and digital solutions

We use SUEZ proprietary solutions, including AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage, AQUADVANCED® Energy Management, AQUADVANCED® Water Networks and so on, to build a sustainable future.

Innovation in action

Innovation has always been at the heart of SUEZ. We have set up eight research and development centers in Asia to provide innovative solutions. The Innovation Trophies is the Group’s internal event which aims to inspire our employees’ creativity in business areas. We also work with partners to participate in external innovation platforms to foster an open innovation ecosystem. 

Serving our communities

We are active participants in various social engagement activities to support our community, enhance environmental awareness and preserve the planet’s natural resources. The accumulative community investment in Asia in 2020 amounts to nearly RMB 700 million.

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