Diagnosing and optimising systems, devising and planning adapted solutions, designing and building sustainable developments and controlling the performance of facilities... Our expertise enables us to design the optimal management solutions for your waste and to seize opportunities for recovery in your geography.
Your challenges

How to reduce, recycle and recover more waste

Towns and cities are faced with rising volumes of household waste to be treated and increasingly stringent regulations that aim to increase recycling and recovery.

In a situation of deep-seated change, local authorities are looking to reconcile environmental and economic performance, while obeying ever stricter regulations, and to investigate new ways of optimising their waste management.

The estimated rise in the worldwide volume of urban waste by 2050
The share of urban waste to be recycled in the European Union by 2030
Source: The European Commission’s Circular Economy Package
20 to 50
The share of their budget that cities in developing countries spend on waste management
Source: World Bank
Our solutions

Optimising waste management through measurement, analysis and advice

We provide support at every step, from the diagnostic, to design and control. Our approach reconciles environmental performance (an increase in recovered volumes), economic performance (cost controls, optimisation of resources) and societal initiatives through actions to raise awareness and offer incentives to inhabitants.

Strategic region-wide studies

Our presence in the entire waste cycle (collections, rubbish tips, processes, storage centres) enables us to conduct region-wide studies and to offer advice:

  • Strategic studies to reduce volumes of waste and optimise their management
  • Collection, transfer, sorting: installation of essential facilities for the effective management of flow
  • Implementation of solutions for biological, material and energy recovery (composting, biogas, co-generation, alternative fuels, recycling, etc.)
  • Management of environmentally-friendly storage sites that obey the regulations

Optimisation of flows (collection, transfer, sorting)

We help you to rehabilitate your facilities, because efficient systems, from collection to treatment, are necessary for the proper management of flows.

  • Voluntary bring sites, underground banks
  • Pneumatic collection infrastructures
  • Urban and industrial rubbish tips
  • Transfer centres / docks
  • Sorting centres
  • Mechanical-biological treatment facilities

We keep an eye on the constantly changing regulations and legislation to help you to prepare your paperwork and to support you in all your administrative formalities.

  • Urban and industrial environmental audits
  • Impact studies / applications for permits

Biological, material and energy recovery

We design a diversified range of recovery solutions adapted to the nature of your waste

  • Composting, anaerobic digestion
  • Biogas
  • Co-generation
  • Alternative or recovered fuels
  • Recycling

And we offer advice on their implementation

  • Feasibility studies
  • Assistance for commissioning authorities and project managers
  • Help in choosing the right process
  • Process design and optimisation
  • The associated regulatory studies
  • Monitoring and classification of activities

Waste storage in respect to regulation

SUEZ helps you to manage your storage site in keeping with the regulations and to protect the environment.

  • Identification and qualification of the creation or extension of the storage site.
  • Technical and environmental diagnostic of storage sites: monitoring and control of the production of liquid or gaseous effluents, environmental inspections, treatment of leachates, mapping of gas emissions, air quality (odours, dust), etc.
  • Regulatory studies and support (DDAE, SUP, PAC, Natura 2000, cessation of activity, land clearing, etc.) ;
  • Operational assistance: operational forecasts, post-operations monitoring
  • Project management: support in the choice of proven technical solutions and a guarantee of proper execution
  • Rehabilitation of old landfill sites