Our group

Faced with growing environmental challenges, for more than 160 years, SUEZ has been acting to deliver essential services that protect and improve the quality of life. SUEZ enables its customers to provide access to water and waste services, with resilient and innovative solutions.
Our purpose

"[...] Deeply rooted in our communities, we are committed to providing people and the planet with the resources for a common future."
Our strategy

Becoming the trusted partner for circular solutions in water and waste.
SUEZ leverages its profound expertise in water and waste, its ability to manage complex projects at a large scale, its partnership culture, recognized brand, and deeply committed teams to generate environmental and social value.
Choosing SUEZ: our value proposition for our clients

Faced with growing challenges, such as pollution increase or climate change and its impact on resources, we are committed to supporting our clients across the water and waste value chains, and thus to become their partner of choice for environmental services.