Smart water solutions

With the booming development of cities and infrastructure in the region, the water and waste utilities are entering into a new era of deep transformation.  This revolutionary change is strongly supported by the governments and local authorities. Pursuing a sustainable and circular economy, this process integrates numerous powerful new innovations and technologies. It also fully capitalizes on the benefits of digitalization.
Our offer

Advanced Solutions: helping Clients and Partners become future-focused utilities

The utilities are now focusing on industrial risk mitigation, operational cost reduction, financial sustainability, long-term asset performance and enhancement of the end use experiences.


The smart solutions, made and delivered locally, are cutting-edge innovative technologies and services, delivered to clients and partners to help them achieve their strategic goals. This is our contribution to helping them become utilities of the future.


These joint partnerships and collaborations with SUEZ’ teams generate tangible and measurable results.  They uncover hidden value, combine compliance to environment policies with operational performances, and leverage existing communication and computing platforms – all the while maximizing employee engagement and efficiency.