As a key player in the circular economy and expert in the recovery of all forms of waste, SUEZ assists local authorities across the whole value chain through the phases of collection, sorting and recovery, through to resale. Ever-increasingly innovative solutions are implemented to transform waste into secondary raw materials or renewable energy, enabling local authorities to lead efforts to secure sustainable development and benefit from new revenue sources in their region.
Your challenges

Contribute to the environmental and energy transition of your local region

The demand for renewable energy, like that for secondary raw materials, is very buoyant. Collecting household waste for transformation into new resources is becoming as much an economic issue as an environmental one, as the recovery of waste helps us preserve natural resources, curb greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the volumes of waste stored. Local authorities are now key players in the circular economy by creating local recovery cycles. They also enjoy new sources of revenue from the recovery of materials and energy.
The EU-wide objective for the amount of municipal waste that is recycled, to be reached by 2020. 
Expected growth in global energy demand by 2040.
Worldwide waste to energy market in 2029
Our solutions

Generate value from the potential of your local waste

We manage the whole waste recovery chain to ensure efficient recycling and reuse, while delivering support for the resulting sale.
Glass recycling

Transform your waste into high quality secondary raw materials

Our expertise in recycling offer means that the process includes efficient internal channels and in-house industrial recycling plants, along with secure, qualified external channels. 
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 Bottle recycling plant

Sell raw materials

With extensive expertise in material characterisation, trade and sales, we can direct raw materials to the appropriate channels and market their qualities. We also have international logistic capacities to sell and transport materials all around the world.
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