Water treatment infrastructure

Being central to increasingly complex local projects and a powerful tool to boost a region’s attractiveness, sustainable water management deserves to be supported by industry players with recognised expertise and a thorough knowledge of local issues. Treatment Infrastructure, a business line of SUEZ, designs and builds water treatment facilities for both municipal and industrial customers.
Our offer

Introducing the most advanced water treatment technologies to the region

Treatment Infrastructure is the first business when SUEZ entered the Asian market. It started its journey in Asia from Indonesia in 1953. Over the decades, we have built more than 600 water and wastewater treatment facilities in the region.


Based on the group's strong technical strengths, we have introduced a number of proprietary technologies to Asia. These are widely used in all kinds of water, wastewater and sludge treatment facilities across the region, including: Aquazur®, FlopacTM, Denifor VTM, DensadegTM, BioforTM, CabarzurTM activated carbon filtration, Aquadaf®, OxyBlue® ozone technology, Thermylis®, EvaporisTM 2E and so on. SUEZ’s Degrémont® Water Handbook, developed by the Group, is known as the "Bible of Water Treatment", and is a widely used textbook by the environment academics across Chinese universities.