By 2050 there will be 9.6 billion inhabitants living on our planet, most of them concentrated in cities. Rampant urbanisation, combined with the effect of climate change, is putting increased pressure on resources, water, raw materials and energy. The principles of the circular economy and digital technologies are powerful accelerators for reinventing cities and imagining their future. As a long-standing partner of city authorities, a leading player in the circular economy and a driver of the digital revolution, SUEZ is supporting cities in their transformation. SUEZ believes that the city of the future must be a resourceful city, a smart, circular, resilient, collaborative and inclusive city, capable of drawing on its own resources to guarantee its future and to meet the aspirations of its inhabitants.

Six major challenges facing the city of tomorrow

Cities are currently at a major turning point in their transformation. As the majority of the planet’s population become urban dwellers, cities of all sizes need to rethink and reinvent themselves. This transformation involves six major challenges that must guide the policies and the actions of local authorities and city authorities: resilience, quality of life, the environment, the economy, governance and citizen participation.

Co-building the resourceful city with city players

Building on its expertise in managing resources and urban projects, SUEZ offers an integrated vision of the city (environment, transport, energy, urban lighting etc.) so that, together, we can build a resource-creating city that is a pleasant place to inhabit. Achieving this transition is not only a question of knowledge and technology. It also requires local authorities to clearly identify their ambitions, to take steps to achieve them and to study them in real time, in order to develop the existing solutions and to enter a phase of consultation and exchanges in order to better meet the expectations of all the users.

They trust us

Water, transport, energy, data... the effects of thoughts about the resourceful city have already produced some concrete applications. SUEZ works in towns and cities of all sizes to manage their major infrastructure networks, but also to develop the resourceful city as a concept to be applied in practice in its broadest possible sense.