Each industry has its special waste treatment consideration. SUEZ’s services for industrial enterprises and other businesses include cleaning of industrial confined spaces, cleaning of industrial facilities, catalyst handling and so on. According to clients’ requirements, we also provide customised on-site waste management services, in line with their waste conditions and objectives.


Cleaning and maintaining industrial confined spaces demand a high level of practical expertise and skilled operating experience. It also involves key health and safety precautions. To guarantee production continuity, SUEZ delivers customised and affordable industrial services solutions, from high pressure solutions to chemical cleaning, to vacuum tanker and catalyst handling services, pipeline pigging, video inspection and emergency spill response.

Your challenges

Secure management of operations

Industrial cleaning services require extensive knowledge of safety protocols, especially the cleaning of hazardous areas in industrial facilities. The work of performing industrial cleaning may call for the cleaner to wear protective equipment, or use specific chemicals. The task also calls for the operation of heavy machinery, which carries its own safety risks.  Machinery and various processes are sensitive to things like waste materials, as well as to the dirt and debris that gather as by-products of operations. Cleaning them is essential to maintaining safe, efficient and stable production.


Another major priority when cleaning industrial sites is maintaining a sanitary environment for workers. For this reason, an industrial cleaning team will need to be highly skilled, flexible with their schedule and well prepared, in order to perform the duties required. Industrial cleaners also need to communicate effectively with employees and customers, to achieve a clean workplace.


In 2016, SUEZ began performing industrial cleaning at Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) to meet the needs of our hazardous waste business and other Park customers, who all operate in the chemical industry. The service scope was later expanded to include all kinds of industrial cleaning, as well as catalyst handling services that serve customers across Mainland China.

Our solutions

Powering industry performance and safety, every day

We offer a full range of customised services tailored to the needs of our client’s industry and business.  We have an extensive track record of proven experience, and we have specialised equipment, operated by highly trained technical personnel, to do the job right.

High pressure water cleaning

Using high pressure water pumps, we deliver fast, cost-effective and environment-friendly results in applications such as hydro-blasting cleaning, hydro-demolition and cold cutting. SUEZ specialises in designing and developing customised tooling for cleaning automation.  This aids the safe and efficient removal of deposits, waste and by-products from the surface of equipment.

Catalyst handling services

Our scope of services includes the loading and unloading of catalysts, catalyst screening, and pressure management. Through dense-phase filling, shell reactors and tube reactors, we are able to reduce downtime and improve reactors and equipment filling quality.

Filter press

Large filter presses are designed to separate solids from liquids. With a high-capacity filter press, fast action automatic plate shifters are used to achieve high sealing performance and corrosion resistance. Eventually, the filtration cake can be washed.

High temperature cleaning

Through a pyrolis process of 8-16 hours in a cleaning chamber, and under high temperature conditions around 400-530 , filters, molds, die plates, extrusion screws, and more, can be cleaned. Efficiency can also be improved by combining high temperature with high pressure water cleaning, resulting in better and faster cleaning results.

Chemical cleaning

We offer a broad mix of acid, alkaline and degreasing cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and passivation solutions.

Vacuum tanker services

SUEZ’s industry-leading technology for vacuum tanker services handles and pumps all kinds of liquid, slurry or solid materials. The broad application range includes liquids like acids, caustics, paint or oil sludge, wastewater and brine.  It also includes solids like bulk catalyst, active carbon, ashes and catalyst. A vacuum truck is a tank truck with a heavy-duty vacuum designed to pneumatically load liquid, sludge or slurry through suction lines.

Sewer cleaning and video inspection

Sewer cleaning and video inspection is a turnkey solution used to maintain sewer networks in industrial parks. The process comprises three consecutive steps: a pre-clean video inspection, the actual cleaning, and a post-clean video inspection.


The initial cleaning is done hydraulically, using a combination of water flow and velocity to clean the internal walls of sewer pipes. The use of a water recycling sewer cleaner truck, equipped with an in-tank filtration system with the capacity to separate solids from liquids, allows us to use less clear water and avoid generating much wastewater. Through a remote-controlled inspection robot, the video detection equipment uses advanced technology to minimise the risk of damage to sewer pipes in the DN200-DN1000 range.

Dry-Ice cleaning

Dry-ice cleaning is like sandblasting or soda blasting, by accelerating the dry-ice medium in a stream of compressed air to impact the surface to be cleaned or pretreated. Dry-ice blasting generally uses dry-ice particles of 3-5mm to remove dirt and other unwanted material from the substrate.

Key achievements

• Providing Shanghai Chemical Industry Park with high pressure water and chemical cleaning services

• Handling catalysts in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

• Handling catalysts in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park

• Implementing tank truck and IBC cleaning processes in Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Zone