Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2nd e-Marketplace for a Water-Secure and Resilient Asia and the Pacific

  • The ADB e-Marketplace will be held from 18-27 October. The event will gather stakeholders from ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) to discuss the latest digital solutions and best practices to deliver smart, resilient, safe, and inclusive water management and services.

    Please visit SUEZ’s virtual booth and join us in the interactive session on the opening day, where our expert is going to share SUEZ’s smart and innovative solutions, which can be adopted by water companies to reduce water loss, enhance water network performance and optimize CAPEX and OPEX.

    To join SUEZ's speaking sessions, click here for free registration as a participant.
  • Speakers

    Topic: NRW Reduction & Control: Building Sustainable Cities by Taking Action against Water Losses
    Time: 1:00 to 1:30pm Manila Time GMT+8, 18 October

    Speaker: Hernani THEIAS, Business Development Director SES, SUEZ
    On the opening day of the interactive meeting, Hernani will share innovative solutions where water companies can implement to reduce water loss, improve water network performance, and optimize CAPEX and OPEX.

    Panel Topic: What’s next for digitalizing water?  
    Time: 3:00 to 3:30pm Manila Time GMT+8, 27 October

    Speaker: Béatrice ARBELOT, Senior Vice President of Asset and Revenue Performance, SUEZ
    At the closing ceremony, Béatrice will be discussing with other senior decision makers on the panel discussion topic: What's next for digitization?

  • Come and visit SUEZ’s virtual booth.