China’s High-end Forum on the Circular Economy in the Petrochemical Industry and the First Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Green & Low-Carbon Development Seminar

  • The event is held at Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park on 1-3 November. It serves as a benchmark for the development of circular economy in China’s petrochemical industry. During the event, an annual industry research report will be published to promote low-carbon, green and sustainable development of the industry.


    SUEZ always spares no efforts to support and accelerate the resilience and sustainability of the industry, working together for the ecological transition. It is the reason why we take the role as the co-organizer of this event.


    During this 3-day event, SUEZ delivers speeches on a wide range of topics in three breakout sessions. In addition, on 2 November, Francois Fevrier, CEO of Water and Recycling and Recovery SUEZ Asia will attend the official release ceremony of the “Blue Book of China’s Petrochemical Circular Economy Development” and deliver an opening speech at the breakout session featuring “Water, Smart and Low-carbon”.


  • Speakers

    Thursday, 2 November 2023

    Breakout session: Water, Smart and Low-carbon Development of Wastewater Management in Petrochemical Industry Parks

    •   Topic: Release of Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction Platform and Collaborative Index for the Water Affairs Sector of Industrial Park
    •   Speaker: Lu Qingqing, R&D Engineer of Water Research Center, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Sino-French Water Development Co., Ltd.

    •   Topic: SUEZ’s Practices for Low-carbon Water Treatment Plants
    •   Speaker: Josh Zhou, SUEZ Asia Sustainability Director

    •   Topic: Petrochemical Emission Standard Wastewater Monitoring System
    •   Speaker: Wang Xuechun, Product Line Manager of Shanghai ChemiRy Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

    Breakout session: Recycling and Commercial Potential of Plastic Resources

    •   Topic: Exploration of Upstream Plastic Recycling
    •   Speaker: Pang Lei, SUEZ Asia Commercial Manager

    Friday, 3 November 2023

    Breakout session: Disposal and Integrated Utilization of Solid (Hazardous) Waste

    •   Topic: SUEZ’s Approaches and Practices in Low-carbon Solid Waste Recycling
    •   Speaker: Zhu Bing, SUEZ Innovation Project Engineer

    •   Topic: Full Lifecycle Management of Waste Disposal for Low-carbon and Efficient Operations
    •   Speaker: He Cheng, R&D Manager of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd.

    •   Topic: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Water Balance Optimization Management in Reducing Pollution and Carbon Emissions in Hazardous Waste Disposal Operations
    •   Speaker: Sun Zuosong, Technical R&D Engineer of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park AnYo SUEZ Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

    •   Topic: Sharing of the Evaluation Index System for Waste Free Factories
    •   Speaker: Zhao Yin, Product Line Technical Manager of Shanghai ChemiRy Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd.