SUEZ Wins New Contracts Across Multiple Sectors to Reinforce its Support for Green Development

Over the past six months, SUEZ has signed a series of equipment supply and technical service contracts, covering numerous Chinese provinces and cities1, to provide solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and sludge disposal. They enable SUEZ to better support its clients in many different sectors and help them optimize their treatment processes, while recycling resources, thus promoting circular economy.

Refractory wastewater treatment for energy and chemical industries
In Huizhou (Guangdong), Suzhou (Jiangsu) and Dalian (Liaoning), SUEZ provides raw water, wastewater and sludge treatment equipment and technical services to the Hengli Group, a Fortune Global 500 company2.  It also builds activated carbon regeneration projects for concentrated wastewater treatment infrastructure. This second wave of projects brings the total number of contracts between SUEZ and Hengli to 12, since the collaboration began in 2015. By reducing operating costs for treating wastewater, SUEZ helps the Hengli Group to reduce CO2 emissions, in particular by reducing its consumption of fossil fuels. Thanks to the project, located in Suzhou, the treated effluent of wastewater meets the most stringent of discharge standards and hits a recovery rate of 80%.

At the Xuwei Petrochemical Park in Lianyungang, SUEZ provides a complete set of technical solutions for a high-salinity wastewater treatment project, for the Shenghong Group, which is also a Fortune Global 500 company. This wastewater treatment plant, with a daily capacity of 2,400 m³ per day, is the third project between SUEZ and Shenghong Group. The project uses two-stage OxyblueTM technology to remove refractory organics from the wastewater to ensure that the effluent meets the park’s most rigorous discharge requirements and that clients can run production operations without worrying about pollution.  

Industrial water treatment for the aerospace industry

In Shaanxi province, SUEZ supplies, since February 2021, process equipment and complementary technical services for the water supply project in the Xi’an Aeronautics City. This project will effectively make up for the shortfall in the space base’s water supply system, thus meeting the day-to-day needs of more than 300 local businesses settled in the Aeronautics City and residents. It will also achieve the base’s stated objective of “safe, stable, and high-quality water supply from multiple sources”.                  

Sludge disposal and recycling
In Jiangsu province, SUEZ provides two dedicated drying treatment lines with a combined daily treatment capacity of 200 tons for the sludge disposal project in the Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone since the beginning of the year. The wet sludge on site is thermally dried and then mixed with coal for combustion at the power plant. Upon completion of the project by the end of the year, the total daily sludge treatment capacity in Yangzhou will reach 500 tons. This project is expected to save about 12,000 tons of standard coal, generate 33 million kilowatt-hours of electricity from the coal-sludge mixed fuel, reduce CO2 emissions by 32,000 tons and save 15 hectares of land.

3D aerial view of Zhuhai Jinwan Hongqi WWTP
SUEZ provides equipment and technical services to the plant.

1Gansu Qingyang, Shaanxi Xi’an & Yan’an, Hebei Tangshan, Guangdong Zhuhai & Huizhou, Heilongjiang Harbin, Jiangsu Wuxi & Zhangjiagang & Suzhou & Lianyungang & Yangzhou, Hunan Changsha, Liaoning Dalian.
2The Fortune Global 500, also known as Global 500, is an annual ranking of the top 500 corporations worldwide as measured by revenue. The list is compiled and published annually by Fortune magazine.

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