SUEZ and SILU DAJI Establish a Joint Venture to Accelerate the Digital Transformation of Water Services in China

SUEZ and SILU DAJI have established SUEZ Smart Water Technology (Beijing)  to combine SUEZ’s expertise in digital solutions for the water sector with SILU DAJI’s digital know-how developed in cooperation with Tsinghua University. The Joint Venture will market customised smart services helping water companies optimise their operations.
Upon the establishment of this new joint venture (JV)1 , both parties will build on SUEZ’s AQUADVANCED® real-time software suite to design localised solutions for water treatment plants, distribution networks and watershed (e.g., rivers and lakes) management. Expected benefits include a better use of energy and chemicals, reduction of water losses and enhanced urban planning, all contributing to a lower carbon footprint. Moving ahead, the JV aspires to become a leader in smart water solutions in China, by locally developing products fully suited to China’s environmental challenges and regulatory context, serving local governments and water companies on their digitalisation journey.

Fu Ning, Executive Partner of SILU DAJI, said, “SUEZ is a world leader in terms of technological expertise in smart water. The purpose of our joint venture is to leverage the technological and marketing capabilities of SILU DAJI to localise SUEZ’s advanced technology portfolio and serve the broader Chinese water market. With these advanced technologies, we can tangibly contribute to the carbon peaking and neutrality targets announced by the central government, address urban water management challenges, such as urban flooding, enhance the operational performance of water networks across the nation, minimise non-revenue water and improve water quality, all to the benefit of the Chinese people.
In China, SUEZ’s smart environment solutions have already been deployed in major cities like Macao, Chongqing, and Shanghai. In Macao, the AQUADVANCED® Water Networks solution helped the region secure a spot among the top performers in terms of minimizing non-revenue water in water supply, anticipating by almost a decade the Chinese government’s target of 9% non-revenue water rate in the urban water distribution network set for 2025. In Chongqing, the AQUADVANCED® Plant solution contributed to the Yuelai smart water treatment plant by optimizing the operational efficiency of the water supply facilities and network and improving the safety, stability and quality of water supply services. In the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), its Zone Libellule® technology was introduced to the park and will be used in an artificial wetland expansion project, the first among Chinese industrial parks to use this technology to treat industrial wastewater and an exemplary nature-based solution.

The joint venture of SUEZ and SILU DAJI has been established to accelerate the digital transformation of water services in China.

1 SUEZ Smart Water Technology (Beijing) Company Limited is co-owned by SUEZ Asia and SILU DAJI

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