SUEZ NWS provides green solutions for the sludge treatment in Jiangsu Province

December 19, 2017, Suzhou Xiangcheng Sludge Treatment and Recycling Project (“Xiangcheng Sludge Project”) was officially put into operation, which will provide Xiangcheng District with a safe, energy-saving and environmental sludge treatment service in the next 30 years. Mr. Zhang Yongqing – Governor of Xiangcheng District, Mr. Qian Zhihua - Vice Director, Mr. Zhou Lihong – Vice Governor, as well as Mr. Steve Clark – CEO of SUEZ Asia and Mr. Wang Guangwei, Chairman of the Board of Suzhou Industrial Park Sino French Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. attended the inauguration ceremony.

Xiangcheng Sludge Project is constructed and operated by Suzhou Taihu Sino French Environmental Technology Company Limited ("Joint Venture"). The Joint Venture was founded in March 2016, which was jointly invested by Suzhou Industry Park Sino French Environmental Technology Company Limited ("SFET") that was established by SUEZ NWS and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Public Utilities Development Group Company Limited, Suzhou Xiangcheng Water Development Company Limited. and Suzhou Huachao Industrial Company by 51%, 29% and 20% respectively.

Xiangcheng Sludge Project is SUEZ NWS’s third sludge treatment project operating in Jiangsu Province, following the Suzhou Industrial Park and Yangzhou Sludge Projects. It has a total investment of 110 million RMB, and a designed capacity of 200 tons/day, of which the first phase reaches 100 tons/day. Based on the successful experience in Suzhou Industrial Park and Yangzhou Sludge Projects, it has introduced the advanced and mature INNODRY® 2E process from the shareholder SUEZ, and successfully decontaminate and reduces the sludge in Xiangcheng District, furthermore converts it into fuel that can be mixed with coal for power generation.

Mr. Wang Guangwei, the Chairman of the Board of SFET said: "Since the start of our cooperation with SUEZ NWS in 2009, we have built three high-standard sludge treatment projects in Jiangsu Province which have been solving the secondary pollution problem of sludge safely and environmentally, and realized the resource recycling. We believe that with innovative solutions, advanced technology and management experience, our cooperation will have a broader prospect for development in the field of sludge treatment in Jiangsu Province and all over the country. "

Mr. Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia, said:” I’m very pleased to see that Xiangcheng Sludge Project, our third sludge treatment project in Jiangsu Province, is inaugurated. We will continue to work closely with our partners to operate and manage the project well, and secure the beautiful environment of Xiangcheng District, so as to bring a new green reference for Jiangsu’s sludge treatment and copy our successful experience in more cities of China."

SUEZ NWS is a pioneer and leader in China's sludge treatment industry. In 2008, the Group introduced SUEZ’s patented technology - INNODRY® 2E to build China's first sludge drying plant in Chongqing. In 2011, SUEZ NWS built the first sludge drying plant of Jiangsu Province in Suzhou Industrial Park, with a daily capacity of 600 tons of wet sludge (80% water content). Furthermore, it creates a synergy between the sludge drying plant, the sewage treatment plant and the thermal power plant, which allow the dried sludge to be burnt with coal for power generation, saving nearly 24,000 tons of standard coal every year. In 2016, Yangzhou sludge drying project started operation, providing 4.5 million citizens and industrial customers in Yangzhou with sludge treatment services, which put the concept of resource recycling into practice. 

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