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SUEZ NWS teams up with ADEN to develop smart solid waste management solutions for industrial and commercial clients

On 25 November, SUEZ NWS and ADEN Group hosted a conference in Shanghai. The focus of the event was smart, integrated management of waste. There was also a call for partnership among policymakers, regulators, municipal research institutes, business leaders, top researchers, and the Group’s own experts in waste management. Collaboratively, these stakeholders deliver industry know-how and best practices on the digital management of waste, providing transparent, traceable and sustainable solutions to all sectors as well as the public. In this way, communities can meet China’s sustainability challenge of solid waste management head on.

As requested by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China, by the end of 2020, 46 key cities will basically be built into waste sorting systems1, of which Shanghai is already the first city to implement waste sorting. In July 2019, Shanghai was among the first few pilot cities to introduce compulsory waste sorting by publishing the Provisions on the Management of Domestic Waste in Shanghai. It also defined domestic waste disposal targets for 2020: capacity of wet waste recovery reach to 25%; capacity of waste incineration reach to 70%2.  Going forward, waste sorting will be implemented throughout the country. Enforcement is also likely to become more stringent.

In recognition of this trend, SUEZ NWS and ADEN Group will establish a joint venture (JV) to combine SUEZ’s worldwide expertise in waste management and ADEN’s global smart infrastructure management expertise to maximize the performance of on-site solid waste management facilities owned by government departments, retailers, the food and manufacturing sectors, industrial parks, the hospitality industry and educational institutions.    

The two groups will provide integrated solutions and end-to-end support. This will start at proof of concept, professional on-site evaluation, right through to implementation and operation. The support will also be iterated, according to challenges various industries face in dealing with municipal solid waste. One-stop services can be provided through a single point of contact. At the same time, digital surveillance management throughout the process will help optimize the end point of the flow of recyclable resources and create 100% compliance with regulation and improve the recycling rate. More importantly, they will deploy advanced technology and equipment (such as on site Anaerobic Digestion for food waste and digital solutions to monitor flows and performance) to optimize management and advanced treatment of waste to result in the reduction of wet waste locally while converting waste into clean energy for the purpose of recycling. This will enable waste-to-resource conversion and maximum value creation for customers.

Arnaud DAUVILLIER, Executive Director of ADEN said, “With companies now urgently looking for strategic waste management solutions, the question becomes: what efficiencies can we create on-site? What value can our site generate? By combining technical and facility expertise, and matching that to a powerful network, we know this JV with SUEZ NWS will be able to help China’s businesses answer these questions.”

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