SUEZ NWS teams up with CNOOC to rise the environmental challenges of the oil & gas sector

SUEZ NWS, a subsidiary of SUEZ Group, signed a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement with CNOOC Energy Technology1, to enlarge their long-term cooperation and further pursue environmental projects in the Oil & Gas sector.

The agreement builds on an existing partnership in the project of Dongfang Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant2 and will enable environmental services to CNOOC’s petrochemical assets and oilfield development projects both within China and abroad. It builds a comprehensive partnership on water, wastewater, sludge, hazardous waste and gas management solution for oil and gas production, which will cover engineering and construction, upgrade and retrofit, project operation and management and equipment manufacturing.

The cooperation started in July 2017 with the establishment of a 50/50 joint venture, SUEZ NWS Environmental (Hainan) Company, to work collectively on the Hainan Dongfang Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant project. The joint venture will take over the operation and management of its existing wastewater treatment plant in March 2018, which has a daily industrial wastewater capacity of 12,000 m3. It will also be responsible for improving the operational standards and retrofitting the facility as well as further expansion and operation through BOO ( Build-Own-Operate) contracts, with a view to making it an iconic environmental management project for CNOOC.

Mr. Lv Bo, Vice President of the CNOOC Group and Chairman of CNOOC Energy Technology said, “As one of the top state-owned petrochemical companies, CNOOC has a long-standing commitment to environmental protection. We always put safety and environmental integrity first. SUEZ NWS has a proven track record of environmental project success and enjoys strong operational expertise particularly in industry. This partnership will help further improve CNOOC’s environmental project management knowhow, strengthen our environmental service capabilities and contribute to the green development of the oil & gas sector.”

Jean-Louis Chaussade, SUEZ Group CEO, said: “Further to the encouraging progress on the Hainan Dongfang Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant project, we are very honored to continue the partnership with CNOOC Energy Technology to seek a lasting and broader partnership on environmental projects in the oil & gas sector. CNOOC’s strong commitment to the environment is perfectly aligned with SUEZ’s pursuit of resource preservation. We are confident that our partnership will bring about new technologies, business models and trends in order to rise the environmental challenges of this industry.”

In addition to managing over 70 water and waste projects for over 20 Chinese cities, SUEZ NWS is leveraging its global expertise and portfolio of innovative solutions to provide specialized environmental services for 11 large industrial parks in China in cities such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Chongqing and Changshu. With activities ranging from water desalination, process water, industrial wastewater treatment, reuse, portable water treatment solution to waste management, SUEZ NWS provides smart and mature environmental management solutions for all kinds of industrial users as a trusted local supplier of integrated environmental and resource management solutions.

1 CNOOC Energy Technology & Service Limited is the environmental arm of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

2 Located in Hainan Province.

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