SUEZ Secures a New Contract to Provide Watermains Cleaning Services for Water Network in Singapore

SUEZ was recently awarded a new three-year contract by PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, to provide water pipes cleaning services using water-saving technologies Ice PiggingTM and air scouring. This further extends the cooperation between the parties in water pipes cleaning following a previous three-year contract.

Under this new contract, SUEZ will provide a range of preventive maintenance techniques including data gathering of the water pipe network, real-time water quality monitoring, valve exercising, and deploying suitable cleaning methods. The services will be performed on the potable water network in residential, commercial and industrial areas of Singapore from late 2021 till 2024.

Preventive Maintenance

Potable water contains minerals which settle down over time in the pipelines. Ice Pigging and air scouring help clean the internal surface of the pipes to remove these mineral sediments, which may accumulate over time. Such cleaning methods are non-intrusive, fast, effective and economical.

To cater to Singapore's high standards for water quality, SUEZ has worked closely with the PUB to streamline operating procedures, as well as equipment and operations’ monitoring, to minimize inconvenience to customers. SUEZ’s various techniques for the cleaning of water pipes will ensure efficacy whilst optimising its cleaning strategy for all network conditions.

SUEZ’s Ice PiggingTM technology uses a pumped ice slurry to physically clean pipes, sweeping and removing settled and loosely adhered deposits. This unique 'no-dig' solution delivers superior cleaning results, is safe and gentle to pipes, and requires about 50% less water than conventional flushing techniques. More importantly, its quick deployment significantly reduces chances of customers being adversely affected during cleaning operations.

Through innovation, the local team has developed an adjusted ice pigging technique that suits the tropical climate of Singapore, demonstrating ice pigging’s efficacy at cleaning potable water pipes year-round.

The successful deployment of Ice Pigging technology around the world
Since the launch of Ice PiggingTM over 10 years ago, it has been successfully deployed in the water industry in many countries including the UK, U.S.A., Australia, Italy and Japan. In Asia, SUEZ is in the process of expanding its service for municipal water networks with contracts in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taipei.

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