SUEZ Signs New Agreement for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Services to Expand Environmental Business to Fujian Province

SUEZ through its joint venture1 recently signed an agreement with Shaowu, Fujian Province, to acquire 51% equity in Shaowu Wujiatang Wastewater Treatment Company Limited. Under this agreement, the joint venture will be responsible for the operation, management and technological re-engineering of the wastewater treatment plant in Jintang Industrial Park of Shaowu, to provide high quality industrial wastewater treatment services for Jintang Industrial Park and adjacent townships. This move will also facilitate protection of the local river ecosystem.

Shaowu, a city in Nanping, lies in the north of Fujian province. The Futun river, one of three major river systems on the upper reaches of the Minjiang river, runs across Jintang Industrial Park in Shaowu. Thanks to abundant fluorite resources, Jintang Industrial Park was built to develop the local fluorine chemical industry. While the development supports restructuring of the manufacturing sector and product upgrades, it has more demanding requirements for the industrial park’s wastewater treatment services.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Phase Ⅰ of Shaowu Wujiatang Wastewater Treatment Company Limited, which is in Jintang Industrial Park, provides wastewater treatment services exclusively for the park. The WWTP has a long-term treatment capacity target of 60,000 m3/day and a near-term target of 20,000 m3/day. The near-term target is expected to be achieved through expansion, by 2025. The WWTP’s current Phase I treatment capacity is 10,000 m3/day.

Chemical wastewater often features complex composition, high salinity, toxic substances, low biodegradability, and fluctuating effluent quality. SUEZ offers an integrated solution, through patented technology, to enhance the removal of difficult chemical oxygen demand (COD), as well as a customized activated carbon adsorption system that can be deployed on demand in emergency situations. The solution can iron out water quality fluctuations and ensure continuous compliance with effluent discharge standards. These standards have risen from Class 1B to China’s most stringent industrial effluent discharge standard: Class 1A. In addition, In addition, the processes specifically designed for treating different types of industrial wastewater sludge help ensure their safe disposal, thus eliminating secondary pollution and protecting the industrial park’s ecological environment.

Jin Ke, Vice President of Changshu Urban Construction Management and Investment Company Limited, and Chairman of Jiangsu Sino French Water, said, “SUEZ’s JV with Changshu has been a great success. It provides systematic water supply and drainage services to support Changshu’s economic and social development. It has received unanimous endorsement from the government, clients and the industry for its advanced technology, management excellence and service quality. We’re pleased to cooperate with the city of Shaowu, in wastewater treatment, that uses SUEZ’s cutting edge technology.  We look forward to seeing both sides leverage their strengths to achieve win-win outcomes.

In 2006, SUEZ started working with Changshu to provide a municipal water supply. The partnership has since branched out to wastewater treatment, smart water solutions, industrial wastewater treatment and waste recycling and recovery. Jiangsu Sino French Water, a SUEZ JV, serves 1.8 million residents, as well as industrial and commercial clients in Changshu. It has been named the “Most Socially Responsible Service Enterprise in China’s Water Industry” for many consecutive years. In addition, SUEZ’s construction waste treatment project in Changshu has exceeded 3,500 tons/day in treatment capacity. The project recycles construction and demolition waste into secondary building aggregates, which can be used to produce bricks, roadside stones, and road beds for different uses, thereby enabling resource circularity.

Jiangsu Sino French Water, a SUEZ JV, signed a contract with Shaowu city
for industrial park wastewater treatment services.

1 Jiangsu Sino French Water Company Limited, in which SUEZ holds 35% equity.

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