SUEZ subsidiary Macao Water won the prize in the Committee France-China's Innovative Products Award

Among the candidates being considered for Committee France-China's Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams 2016, the enterprise asset management(EAM)system submitted by Macao Water, a SUEZ subsidiary, won the third prize in the 2016 innovative products award.

The Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams are set up to recognize innovative projects of excellence with significant social, economic, industrial and environmental value and impact, jointly developed by Chinese and French universities, labs, R&D facilities and companies. The award consists of the R&D award, innovative product award and innovative initiative award. The panel of judges comprise people from both Chinese and French institutes, corporates and academias.

For the 2016 edition of the Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams, 10 candiates have been shortlisted and awarded. Among them is Macao Water for its innovative, economically beneficial and practical EAM system.

Drawing upon the experiences and partnership of the Franco-Chinese teams, Macao Water successfully adapted the EAM system for more customer-centric management. The system, already deployed in Macau, has the following features and functionalities:

  • Based on technical specifications and design suggestions proposed by the SUEZ team, the API design for the project has been optimized.
  • Real-time data sharing technology allows data to be ported from one system to another without manual operation.
  • The improved system helps adjust the equipment maintenance schedule, keep robust equipment performance, save company resources to ensure undisrupted water supply.

This project is both groundbreaking and tremendously instructive for the industry and has provided relevant experience for our peer teams in Australia, North America, Belgium and Hong Kong. Going forward, the system will be combined with the SCADA data collection and monitoring system and possibly the AQUADVANCED® system of smart network performance surveillance to increase alert against accidents, optimize water supply dispatch and improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of the water network.

Comite France-Chine is an important organization for promoting trade and commercial relations between China and France. Comite France-Chine started the annual Innovation Awards for Franco­ Chinese Teams in 2014. Entries for the awards are measured in terms of their representativeness of the Franco-Chinese cultures, innovativeness, economic feasibility and practical social, economic, industrial and environmental value to shortlist three winners in each award.

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