The 1st meeting of Chongqing Derun Environment Co. Ltd. was held successfully

Jan. 21st, 2016, the 1st Shareholders’ Meeting, the 1st Meeting of the 1st Board of Directors, and the 1st Meeting of the 1st Board of Supervisors of Chongqing Derun Environment Co. Ltd. (“Derun Environment”) was holder successfully in Chongqing.

The representatives of each shareholding company, including: Mr. Li Zu Wei - Chairman of the Board of Chongqing Water Assets Management Co., Ltd., Mr. Steve Clark – CEO of SUEZ Asia, Mr. Cheung Chin Cheung – Executive Director of New World Services, and Ms. Laura Sun – CEO of Derun Environment attended this meeting.

In the meeting approvals and decisions were made focused on a series of subjects including: the company’s establishment, operation and business development in 2016. The company’s strategic target was further confirmed, that is to be a nationally leading and internationally influential player for the comprehensive management of urban environment. It was also decided to increase the company’s registered capital to 1 billion RMB and change the name to “Derun Environment Group Co. Ltd.”, so as to set the keynote of the company’s strategy to develop in the national market. All the shareholders expressed their confidence for Derun Environment’s future, and committed to fully support this new-rising force in China’s environmental industry.

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