Draw me clean air

7 September 2020 is the very first International Day of Clean Air for blue skies. SUEZ is turning the spotlight on air. We are launching a call for drawings that make children aware of the quality of the air they breathe, because breathing pure air improves quality of life for everyone.

We are inviting parents and teachers to ask children to imagine the ideal place to live, where the air is pure. Through art, children can think about the sources of pollution and the means of eliminating or mitigating them.

To bring children to draw their ideal living place without pollution, we propose to parents and teachers several activities:

- a short animated movie that can be viewed at home or at school.

- a "polluting / non-polluting" activity that helps children identify the different sources of pollution and find solutions to breathe cleaner air: walk or cycle to school, plant more plants/trees in cities, etc.

- a coloring activity for younger children.

Children can produce drawings individually or in groups creating a large fresco. Parents or teachers can then take a photo of the drawings signed with the children's names and share them on social media (Twitter, WeChat and/or LinkedIn), with the hashtag #DrawMeCleanAir and @suezAsia! We will share the posts on SUEZ Asia’s social media.

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