Our offer covers a large portfolio of solutions that enables sustainable management of resources, conformity with regulations and contributes to a circular economy.

Preserve our most precious natural resource

Water is the most critical resource for humans. How we conserve, treat and recycle it today will have an enormous impact on the well-being of future generations. At SUEZ, we tailor our leading water and wastewater services to our municipal, commercial and industrial customers.

Waste to resources

China produces more than 1 billion tons of waste a year, putting great pressure on the environment and exacerbating resource shortages. Abandoned waste can become a valuable resource, if properly treated. SUEZ is committed to waste reduction, resource recovery and the conversion of waste to energy. Our varied expertise enables us to customize a wide range of waste management solutions that meet specific operational and environmental objectives of various commercial and industrial clients across Asia.

Improve the effectiveness of pollution control

In 2019, SUEZ established an Environmental Quality Monitoring (EQM) business to expand its portfolio into third-party environmental quality testing and monitoring. The EQM business provides high-quality services to research institutes, universities, governments, solid and hazardous waste disposal facilities, risk assessment and remediation companies, various industrial firms and resource and energy companies worldwide.