The mission

Tianjin Jinbin Water Plant uses Luan River as the source of raw water, which is slightly polluted and characterized by the following:


  • Large temperature difference, ranging from 0 to 30 (0-1 lasting around 1 month in winter);
  • Medium turbidity, 20NTU-40NTU;
  • Algae floods in the summer, reaching 14x106 /l in average, and up to 40x106-60x10 6 /l in the peak season from July to September;
  • Heavily polluted by organic compounds, CODMn 35 mg O2/L;
  • In winter, the water source features low temperature and low turbidity. Except for some indicators exceeding the standards, the water quality generally meets up to the Class III according to Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water.


Nevertheless, the treated water quality shall meet the Drinking Water Quality Standards (GB5749-2006) of China, and some indicators are even stricter than the standard.

Our solution

To cope with the requirement of mainly removing suspended solids, algae and organic matters, SUEZ adopted treatment technologies combining enhanced pretreatment and advanced treatment, and meanwhile recycling the backwash water of filter to improve the raw water utilization rate. The specific technologies adopted include:

DensaDegTM technology with years of technical accumulation

This kind of settling tank is fast, economical, flexible and easy to operate, and it can produce stable and high-quality water with a small amount of sludge.

Technological characteristics include:

  • High sedimentation efficiency, small land occupation, high ascending velocity up to 20~30m/h;
  • High discharged sludge concentration up to 30~200g/l, no need of sludge concentration systems, simplified operation and capital saving;
  • Stable and excellent water quality, due to its unique flocculation design and inclined pipe separation technology.
  • Stable operation, resistance to shock loading, immunity to changes of flow or pollutant load;
  • Low operation cost, saving 10~30% of the agents compared with the existing technology.

Aquazur® V with fabulous performance

Because of its excellent performance, V-type filter has quickly become the mainstream of the filtration system since its inception, and has been the theoretical guidance for air-water backwashing and the reference standard for engineering design. SUEZ has an engineering case for tens of thousands of V-type filters around the world.

Advanced and reliable combination of ozone and Cabarzur™ GAC filter

The use of ozone-GAC combination technology can achieve:

  • Removing pesticide residues
  • Sterilization and inactivation of virus
  • Removing odor, stink and micro-pollutants
  • Removing organic/inorganic pollutants, and mutagenic, teratogenic and carcinogenic matters
  • Integrated treatment effect with chemical reaction, physical adsorption and bio-degradation
  • Prolonging the working cycle and service life of activated carbon
  • Improving utilization ratio of ozone

Cabarzur™ technical features:

  • Adopting downward-flow, gravity-flow filtration;
  • Adopting special filter head, filter head and accessories being up to the sanitary standards for drinking water;
  • Adopting special Monolithique® interated filter plate;
  • Air/water separated backwashing, avoiding loss of filter material, backwashing water consumption lower than 1% of water yield. Optimized backwashing procedure to prevent generation of mud balls;
  • In view of the characteristics of activated carbon, the special shape backwashing water tank was designed to minimize the loss of activated carbon discharged along with backwashing wastewater, the annual loss rate of activated carbon being no more than 2%;
  • Complete automation control.

Economical and rational water treatment technology to ensure water supply safety

At the beginning of the project design, we conducted full preparation work, and run pilot tests for water treatment processes; and according to the characteristics of the raw water quality and the requirement for finished water quality, guided by the principle of safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and low investment, we adopted the new advanced and proven water treatment technologies and processes in the design, to improve the technical level of the project, so that the water quality of the plant reaches or surpasses the national standard, thereby enhancing the water supply management level and the safety water supply capacity. The project features low investment, stable and reliable operation, high treatment efficiency, low consumption, excellent quality of finished water, and high automated management level, etc.
tianjin jinbin

The results

By adopting SUEZ advanced technologies of DensaDegTM, Aquazur® V, combination of ozone and CabarzurTM GAC filter, the water plant has been running stably for 8 years. As of Nov. 2017, it has provided quality drinking water up to 1.46 billion m3, with a daily capacity of 500,000 m3. If calculated as the average daily water consumption of urban residents at 100L per household, the plant can simultaneously meet the water demand of 10 million households, thus greatly relieving the quality drinking water demand by the growing population of Tianjin.


water supply capacity
m3 accumulated water supplied (as of Nov. 2017)
households water demand satisfied