Achieving synergistic urban and environmental sustainability under the “Changshu model”

Changshu, a city in the developed south China province of Jiangsu, enjoys strong socio-economic development and a high happiness index. Its requirements for and expectations of the quality of its utilities are also high. Known for its service excellence, SUEZ has been a partner to Changshu for more than 15 years. We have been supplying water to the city since 2006, and we have since expanded our partnership to include wastewater treatment, smart water services, industrial wastewater treatment, and recycling of construction and renovation waste, providing vital support to Changshu’s economy and development.
The mission

Water supply is an essential service. Changshu recognizes that along with socio-economic development, water supply services will continue to face new tests and challenges. Therefore, Changshu was among the first to propose the integration of the urban and rural water supply to secure and improve its water supply capacity. In line with its strategic objectives, Changshu aimed to gradually narrow the urban-rural gap in terms of water supply security, customer service and information technology, and to establish a unified management model for water supply across urban and rural areas through the optimal allocation of resources and technical support. In 2006, Changshu began working with SUEZ to provide city-wide water supply services.


Subsequently, as Changshu deployed an integrated water supply and drainage system and sought out solutions to the root causes of piled-up construction waste, its cooperation with SUEZ further deepened and expanded to include wastewater treatment and construction waste treatment. By leveraging our global resource recycling experience and expertise, we at SUEZ are helping Changshu optimize its resource management to better address environmental challenges.

Our solution
Currently, SUEZ and its partners have invested more than RMB 3.9 billion in Changshu to improve public services and the quality of life for residents. Furthermore, we have successfully replicated the Changshu model in other cities.

Smart water services to optimize water resources management

We manage three water treatment plants and offer smart water solutions to deliver high-quality drinking water to approximately 1.8 million residents. We are committed to building smart water treatment plants, smart networks, and smart customer services to improve our operational efficiency and service quality. Our JV has developed proprietary, 24/7 smart solutions to digitally manage water supply planning and dispatch, network management, and non-revenue water (by reducing leakage), thereby protecting scarce water resources. Our JV’s advanced technology, scientific management, and high-quality services have been well received by the government, customers, and the industry.

High-quality wastewater treatment for improved sanitation

We operate a total of nine municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants with a daily treatment capacity of 330,000 m3, improving the city’s sanitary conditions while increasing the local wastewater treatment capacity. Thanks to the parties’ success in wastewater treatment services for the industrial park, SUEZ’s partnership with Changshu has been replicated in Shaowu, Fujian, where we provide quality wastewater treatment services for the local industrial park to protect river water ecology.

Recycling of construction waste into secondary resources

SUEZ signed an operation and maintenance contract with Changshu in 2018 for the treatment and disposal of construction and renovation waste to improve its combined utilization rate. SUEZ’s construction waste treatment project in Changshu now has a daily capacity of over 3,500 tons and a 100% resource utilization rate for construction waste. The recycled construction waste is treated and turned into secondary construction aggregates and reusable combustible and metallic materials. The “Changshu model” of waste-to-resource conversion for construction waste (developed by SUEZ in cooperation with Changshu) has been successfully replicated in Anji, Zhejiang.
The results
  • The 15+ years cooperation between SUEZ and Changshu has witnessed the leapfrog development of Changshu’s water supply business and created a successful example of win-win cooperation between China and a foreign company.
  • By adopting world-leading management expertise and process technology, Changshu has greatly improved its water infrastructure, made important contributions to the economic development of the city, and made healthy drinking water available to its people. In particular, this has placed Changshu in a leading position in China in terms of water quality, service excellence, and urban and rural water supply integration.
  • Our JV, Jiangsu Sino French Water, was name a “5A Water Services Provider” and “the Most Socially Responsible Water Company”, becoming a service benchmark in China’s water supply industry.
  • Our construction waste treatment project was recognized as China’s first national key R&D demonstration project listed in the field of construction waste treatment.
million people

received our drinking water services


billion RMB

total investment



3 water treatment plants

9 municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants

drinking water treatment capacity



wastewater treatment capacity


resource utilization rate for construction waste