Changshu - a pioneer of integrated water supply in urban and rural areas

Changshu, reputed as a "blessed land of Jiangnan", is one of the birthplaces of Wu Culture. Today Changshu is one of the most economically powerful counties in China, with GDP per capita exceeding 20,000 US dollars and highly developed industries. The quality water supply services afford a strong guarantee for the economic and livelihood development of the city.
The mission
The rural areas, due to the relatively scarce population, have a lower utilization rate of networks and thus higher unit cost for water supply. Therefore, it has always been a challenge for the water industry to find an economical and effective solution for the rural areas’ water supply.

Changshu, as one of the top 100 counties in China, is the first to propose the goal of achieving integrated water supply in both urban and rural areas. It chose to cooperate with SUEZ in 2006, having it manage water services throughout the region.


Our solution
Since 2007, SUEZ has been responsible for production, sales and services of tap water, and construction and maintenance of water supply facilities throughout Changshu, providing high quality clean water for more than 2.3 million local residents, with the same tariff to urban and rural areas. We operate and manage three water plants in Changshu, with a daily production capacity of 875,000m3, effectively meeting the water demand of local citizens and enterprises.
By introducing hydraulic model and establishing GIS system platform, we further improved the layout and construction of the water networks of Changshu; and by reinforcing the integration reform on networks, we were among the first to achieve regional water supply and the network connection between urban and rural areas.

We own the first water quality monitoring center approved by China National Accreditation of Laboratories (CNAL) in the water supply industry of Jiangsu province, which is specialized in water quality monitoring of raw water, outlet water, network water, and management of water purification materials. Based on that, the stable and reliable water supply is well guaranteed.

The results

By more than 10 years of development, Changshu's water supply capacity and services have achieved considerable progress.

  • Pipelines of DN100 and above measures more than 3,300 km long, and the network covers an area of 1,264 km2;
  • Daily water supply capacity increased from 475,000 m3 to 875,000 m3;
  • Non-revenue water rate fell to 16%.


The service area, upon effective improvement and optimization of the network, has constantly expanded, now the number of water meters exceeds 543,000. Moreover, the additional emergency water supply project built by us can successfully overcome the obstacles with delivering water from east to west, and guarantee the water supply stability in Changshu.



network coverage


water supply capacity
non-revenue water rate