SUEZ helps Qingdao achieve high-quality urban development by providing customized water solutions

Qingdao is a famous tourist city known as the “Switzerland of the East”, a major nodal city on the Belt and Road, and one of the happiest cities in China. As a pioneer driving the rapid development of Qingdao, SUEZ has been providing stable and high-quality drinking water to city residents since 2002 and improving the city’s drinking water quality through enhanced operations and management. Building on its strong performance and partnership in Qingdao, SUEZ successfully expanded its business in 2012 to include industrial wastewater treatment services in the Dongjiakou Economic Development Zone.
The mission

Due to global warming, the coastal resort city of Qingdao faces freshwater scarcity challenges. Currently, Qingdao relies on water diversion from the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers for more than 90% of its municipal water supply, resulting in significant quality changes to its raw water. The local government has set an ambitious goal of improving the quality of the urban water supply, the taste of drinking water, and the safety and security of drinking water treatment infrastructure. To this end, SUEZ not only operates and manages two water treatment plants (WTPs), which account for approximately 85% of the main city’s total water supply, but also improves the quality of drinking water by leveraging SUEZ’s world-class technology and expertise to enhance customer satisfaction and well-being.


The Dongjiakou Economic Development Zone in the west wing of Qingdao aims to "become an important growth pillar of Qingdao’s industrial economy". Within the economic zone, it is important to enforce high standards for wastewater treatment while mitigating unnecessary investment duplication in environmental treatment by enterprises. Drawing upon its technical expertise and management experience with industrial parks, SUEZ provides customized, centralized treatment solutions for industrial and municipal wastewater to reduce environmental treatment costs and help position the area as one of China’s model zones for the circular economy.

Our solution
Currently, SUEZ provides drinking water treatment services to more than three million Qingdao residents, meeting the growing demand for water and higher water quality requirements. Furthermore, SUEZ provides industrial wastewater treatment and municipal wastewater treatment services to industrial and commercial customers in the Dongjiakou Economic Development Zone.

Invested and built major livelihood projects to improve the quality of drinking water according to local conditions

In 2002, SUEZ began a partnership with Qingdao Hairun Water Supply Group to operate and manage two WTPs – Xianjiazhai and Baishahe. In 2006, we increased our investment and built a major livelihood project – the Phase II expansion of the Xianjiazhai WTP. The combined water supply capacity of the two WTPs is now 726,000 m3/day.
To help Qingdao improve drinking water quality and raise living standards for residents, SUEZ introduced an integrated water treatment solution with an advanced treatment process that raised the effluent water quality to EU drinking water standards.

Helping steel companies achieve 100% reuse of industrial wastewater

In 2012, SUEZ and its partner invested, built, and currently operate an industrial wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Dongjiakou, providing industrial wastewater treatment (20,000 m3/day) and municipal wastewater treatment (3,200 m3/day) services to industrial and commercial customers in the Dongjiakou Economic Development Zone. Furthermore, the WWTP helps the steel enterprises in the zone achieve 100% reuse of industrial wastewater, the epitome of the circular economy in the Dongjiakou Economic Development Zone.
The results
  • SUEZ has been rooted in Qingdao for 20 years. Our water project was the first Sino-foreign joint venture in Qingdao’s utilities sector and was recognized by the local government regulators for management innovation.
  • Our industrial WWTP reuses 100% of its enterprise customers’ grey water. This enables the recycling of water resources and is the epitome of the circular economy in the zone.
  • Our centralized wastewater treatment solution in the zone frees enterprises from making duplicate investments in environmental treatment and reduces environmental treatment costs. It also facilitates regulation by government authorities and environmental agencies and makes the zone more attractive to investors.


water supply capacity


water quality compliance rate at the point of discharge
water supply in the main city of Qingdao


wastewater treatment capacity


reuse of industrial wastewater for steel enterprises in the zone
WWTP’s treatment volume is reused water