Business Development Manager


Marketing and customer management

  • Observe and understand the market dynamics, understand the market technology changes and technical needs with timely feedback
  • Establish close relationship with key stakeholders in the region, such as government authorities, industry associations, design institutes, regional agents and influential people in the industry
  • Communicate and coordinate with the proposal department to achieve a reasonable proposal to fulfil the client’s requirements

Potential customers/project management

  • Build and maintain relationship with potential customers and key stakeholders
  • Establish a complete inventory of potential projects and clients

Report and budget control

  • Timely complete the project report with high quality
  • Complete weekly/monthly project report and client visit report

  • Bachelor’s degree or above, environmental engineering, water supply and drainage or related engineering background is preferred
  • More than 5 years commercial experience in environmental protection or water treatment industry
  • Good professional ethics, respect and follow the company's compliance and safety policies
  • Able to work under pressure and travel frequently
  • Acute insight of the market, innovative and capable to develop businesses

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