Innovating for the planet and its citizens: SUEZ’s new solutions to support green and inclusive recovery

Building on the success of the previous “Innovations Days”, SUEZ is launching a 100% digital event “Demos on Demand”, on the 9th of December, dedicated to the new technologies developed by the Group to support a green and inclusive economic recovery. With nine webinars taking place all over the world, live streaming from Australia, China and South-East Asia, India, France, Spain, Chile and the United States, this day will be an opportunity to explain the development of projects and their concrete applications through customer testimonials and SUEZ experts’ speeches, thanks to a virtual showroom.

Due to the challenges of increasingly scarce resources, we must speed up the development and implementation of radically new solutions. Our innovation ecosystem calls on a worldwide network of centers of excellence in collaboration with the world’s leading research centres, and with a generation of pioneering start-ups. With €120 million invested in R&D by the Group each year , an effort that will increase by 50% by 2023, and more than 650 researchers and 17 Research & Innovation centres, the Group is working to develop new solutions to guarantee sustainable access to our planet's resources and delivering effective, innovative services capable of meeting new challenges.

In order to support territories in their environmental and digital transformation, the Group relies on its Smart & Environmental Solutions Global Business Unit, dedicated to accelerating the development and deployment of digital and decentralised solutions in the world. These solutions are based on environmental performance and quality, consulting activities, as well as new professions in smart cities, smart agriculture, climate and air. This year, the BU deployed the following innovations around the world:

  • Covid-19 City Watch: Launch of a service for local authorities to anticipate and monitor the circulation of the Covid-19 virus present in sewage networks.
  • Combin'Air and IP'Air: Deployment of innovative air quality solutions for local authorities and applications on industrial sites.
  • CircularChain: The circular economy’s blockchain based on a secure information storage and transmission technology to provide reporting on all wastewater treatment plant transactions.

 Combin’Air solution in Poissy, Île-de-France (France) 
  Surveillance of the Covid-19 virus in the wastewater networks

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