SUEZ’s Subsidiary Macao Water Receives “Medal of Merit for Professions” by the Macao SAR Government

On 13 January, the Macao SAR Government held a ceremony to award the 2022 Decorations, Medals, and Certificates of Merit. At the annual ceremony, Macao Water, a SUEZ subsidiary, received the Medal of Merit for Professions in recognition of the company’s outstanding contributions to the field of water supply.

Providing Innovative Solutions Across Macao City and Driving Ecological Transition

Macao, one of the world’s most densely populated cities, has over 680,000 residents and welcomes tens of millions of tourists from around the world each year. At the same time, the city’s unique geographical environment makes it highly vulnerable to the threat of salt tides.

In 1985, SUEZ, through Macao Water, signed a 25-year water supply concession contract with the Macao SAR Government, to provide drinking water production, distribution, and customer services to the entire city. In 2009, it successfully renewed the contract for another 20 years. By leveraging its global expertise, SUEZ has assisted the SAR Government in building large water supply infrastructure to meet the city’s growing water demand and mitigate the impact of saline tides.

SUEZ has adopted patented technologies and advanced water treatment processes in drinking water treatment plants.  It has also applied smart water solutions to optimize the operational efficiency of water facilities and networks and reduce power consumption, and provided Macao residents, as well as industrial and commercial clients, with an uninterrupted supply of high-quality drinking water that meets the standards of both Macao SAR and the European Union. Additionally, Macao Water has long led its Asian peers in conserving precious freshwater resources, with a water loss rate of just about 8%.

An Active Partner in Macao’s Social Development Pursuits

SUEZ has been actively committed to social responsibility and to implementing a clear sustainable development strategy through Macao Water.  In recognition of Macao Water’s commitment to water conservation outreach, support for local community engagement, gender equality, women’s career development, and attention to employees’ work-life balance, the company is a multiple winner of the Most Socially Responsible Water Company in China Award, the Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Award on International Volunteer Day, and the Best Family-Friendly Employer Award.

The Company was also awarded the Most Inspiring Climate Smart Case award by the International Water Association (IWA) for its success in helping Macao address climate challenges and for its excellence in operations management.

Further, Macao Water is considered among the most successful Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models in Asia, a benchmark for China’s water industry, and a practice base for Tsinghua University students, helping to train young professionals for the environmental industry.


François Fevrier, CEO of SUEZ Asia and Macao Water Managing Director, said at the award ceremony,

Macao Water Receives “Medal of Merit for Professions” by the Macao SAR Government


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