Smart water services helping Macao achieve water sustainability

In 1985, SUEZ entered Macao, the “Vegas of the East”, and acquired an 85% share in Macao Water. The same year, we signed a 25-year water supply concession contract with the Macao Government, to provide the city with full water services. This contract, the first water supply concession contract of SUEZ in Asia, was extended by 20 years in 2010.
The mission

Conserving precious fresh water

Macao, one of the world’s most densely populated cities, is a peninsula where freshwater is so scarce that about 96% of the city’s raw water comes from Zhuhai. Macao’s location at the Pearl River Estuary makes it highly vulnerable to the threat of salt tides. It is therefore vital to conserve freshwater resources and ensure the quality and safety of the water supply.

On the other hand, with an area of only 32.9 square kilometers, Macao has over 680,000 residents and welcomes over 30 million tourists from all over the world each year. The booming tourism and gaming industries inject economic vibrancy, boost social development and drive demand for safe water.
Our solutions

Reliable and quality water services reinforcing Macao's resilience and prosperity

Our water treatment plant uses the most up-to-date water processing techniques.  By using the Group’s proprietary technologies, we incorporate smart water into water supply systems and manipulate urban water supply, with Big Data. This further optimises water supply facilities and the operational efficiency of the water network, to consistently supply high-quality drinking water to all Macao citizens and industries that meets both Macao and European drinking water standards, and surpasses World Health Organization guidelines.

Self-innovated solution to ensure water quality and safety

We have innovated a safer, faster and more sensitive detection method, using Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (DDPCR) technology to absolutely quantify water-borne pathogens in water supply systems. This solution is the first of its kind to be deployed in the water industry. It further ensures the water quality and safety.

Digitalising water services to build a water-conserving smart city to achieve water sustainability

Over the past years, the Macao government has been working on its smart city vision of leading on “digital technology and serving people through intelligence”. Smart water is key to this vision. Leveraging on the Group’s global experience and solutions, SUEZ has been implementing them in our daily activities to help the city make the most productive use of water resources and improve its resilience.

New water treatment plant meeting Macao’s growing demand for the next 10-year

When constructing a smart city, “green building” is a critical factor in accelerating urban sustainability development. Controlled carbon emissions and enhanced energy efficiency in buildings reduces carbon footprints. Constructed and operated by SUEZ, the Seac Pai Van water treatment plant in Macao is a one of the best examples in driving community water conservation efforts. The plant was awarded the first Green Building Design Label of its kind in Macao and has become the demonstration base for public education in water treatment and conservation.
With a daily treatment capacity of 130,000 m3, the plant was commissioned in 2021. This has increased the Company’s combined supply capacity from 390,000 m3/day to 520,000 m3/day, enough to meet Macao’s growing demand for the next 10 years.

Driving innovation for unrivalled service excellence and digital services further boosting customer satisfaction

High-quality customer service is central to water management. To ensure customers get their issues addressed swiftly and have access to on-demand support, SUEZ links its WeChat service account to smart metering. In this way, we get accurate, up-to-date information on users’ water consumption and water use habits.
In addition to digital customer service, we set up a service hotline, an Employee Focus Group and a dedicated Customer Liaison Group consisting of members of the executive team, customer representatives, and 22 business groups. Doing so has enhanced the efficiency of our communications with the government, industry customers, associations and city residents. It also allows us to deliver timely updates on our continuous service improvements.

It’s more than service. It’s a mission, creating shared value for all.

SUEZ believes water supply is more than just about service; it’s also about commitment to community! The company takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen very seriously.  And prioritizes giving social, cultural, and environmental value to the community it serves. In recognition of Macao Water’s commitment to water conservation outreach, support for local community engagement, gender equality, women’s career development, and attention to employees’ work-life balance, the company is a multiple winner of the Most Socially Responsible Water Company in China award, the Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Award on International Volunteer Day, and the Most Family-Friendly Employer Award.
In 2021, SUEZ, Macao Water, and the University of Macao signed a cooperation framework under which the three parties will combine their resources in scientific research and marine ecosystem conservation, establish an ambitious joint research platform to carry out innovative research in the offshore ecosystem and water treatment technology (among other fields) and combine to protect the marine environment, while also enriching marine biodiversity.
The results
Thanks to its excellence in management and service delivery, Macao Water is now the most successful Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, and a benchmark for China’s water industry.

water supply capacity



NRW, far beneath the Asian average and among the global category leaders
2 million
water conserved, equal to the water consumption of around 3,200 families


household customer satisfaction rate in 2020, ranking first in Macao’s public service


commercial customer satisfaction rate in 2020




women in management