Solvay and SUEZ form an alliance to offer new solutions for the treatment of waste water in Greater China

Solvay’s Peroxides Global Business Unit and SUEZ China have decided to combine their expertise and technologies in the industrial wastewater treatment market in order to provide a broad “one-stop” solution to customers in Greater China.

An Alliance has been formed between the parties to provide innovative wastewater treatment solutions based on Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) technologies, including systems such as Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide and UV/Hydrogen Peroxide. These AOP technologies are effective for a broad spectrum of molecules, particularly for effluents containing Hard COD, and provide sustainable, environmental-friendly solutions as they neither transfer pollutants from one phase to the other, nor produce large amounts of hazardous sludge.

The unique advantage of the Alliance is its ability to deliver a tailor made treatment models to meet the demands of its customers ranging from full treatment service through to process design and installation. The R&D centers of both companies in China and Zurich provide the necessary technical support which is supplemented by pilot plant equipment allowing on-site trails to optimise both efficiency and cost of treatment for the specific effluents at its customers.

“We create more value for our customers,” says Andrew CUMMING, the Asia pacific President of Solvay Peroxides GBU “as together we can optimise the water treatment solutions by identifying each customer’s needs and offer a full service package from providing water sample feasibility studies in our Shanghai based research lab to implementing an on-site trial with dedicated and state of the art piloting systems”.

“This Alliance allows both SUEZ and Solvay to combine respective technical and business strengths to develop the wastewater treatment solutions adapted to the tighter Chinese regulations,” says Steve Clark, the CEO of SUEZ Asia. “We believe that our joint technologies and the innovative business model we offer together will represent a flexible and cost effective solution for hard COD wastewater treatment in all industrials.”

The Alliance is already operational with a growing number of customers in Greater China. It is foreseen that the scope of the Alliance could be extended within Asia and beyond as the need for sustainable solutions to the effective treatment of wastewater effluent is growing strongly around the world.

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