SUEZ NWS deployed Dehydris™ Twist solution for efficient sludge treatment at SCIP

To increase the efficiency of sludge treatment at Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) for better environmental performance, SUEZ NWS will make available DehydrisTM Twist, SUEZ’s solution to efficient sludge dewatering, for industrial water production by SCIP Sino French, the integrated water production and wastewater treatment services provider within SCIP.

Sludge is a major by-product of the treatment process and a potential risk of pollution. To maximize the cost-effectiveness and social benefits of sludge treatment, SUEZ NWS will provide dewatering service at SCIP for sludge from industrial water production plant. SUEZ NWS is responsible for engineering, procurement of main equipment and supervision of installation for two sludge thickening and dewatering lines with associated electrical control and automation, treating 6,000 m3 of sludge water per day totally and yielding 50.7 tons of dewatered sludge with 45% solid content. Compared with conventional sludge dewatering technology, the new system implementing the HPS piston-press of Bucher-Unipektin, reduces the bulk volume of sludge cake by as high as 35%. Equipment installation for the project is expected to be complete by May 2018, followed by commissioning.

The DehydrisTM Twist solution is among the most innovative and efficient sludge dewatering systems in the world. It is a powerful, fully automated dewatering solution that combines pressure and twist actions. The sludge line consists of such main units as sludge homogeneisation tank, static thickening, DehydrisTM Twist sludge dewatering and dewatered sludge transportation.

The efficient treatment process enables the reuse of treated sludge, and effectively improves the company’s environmental performance to the satisfaction of environmental laws and regulations. The Group has been successfully applied the technology in more than 10 countries i.e. Italy, France, Canada etc., for both drinking water and waste water treatment plants. In 2016, SUEZ achieved the first order of DehydrisTM Twist technology in Asia, to provide sludge waste water dewatering treatment services for Hong Kong Drainage Services Department.

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