SUEZ furthers its development in Taiwan with new industrial water contract

SUEZ, through its business unit Water Technologies & Solutions, has signed a 12-year industrial wastewater membrane service contract with Forest Water Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. to increase operational efficiency and wastewater discharge water quality.  The two parties also signed a MOU to jointly pursue reclaimed water opportunities in Taiwan in order to alleviate the pressure on conventional water sources and promote Taiwan’s water sustainability.

Having adopted SUEZ’s ZeeWeed* MBR since 2016, the wastewater treatment plant (“WWTP”) of the Guanyin Industrial Park in Taoyuan city, operated by Forest Water Environmental Engineering Co., operates at a capacity of 25,000 m3/day and has shown an excellent performance so far. This long-term contract for industrial wastewater membrane biological reactor (MBR) service, which is the Group’s first in Asia, aims to optimize the efficiency and treatment results of the plant. With a holistic performance protection system and the cloud-based InSight* platform, the contract will help to further reduce operational risks and improve the operating efficiency of the WWTP while ensuring the quality of discharged water after treatment.

In recent years, having recognized the importance of water resources management, Taiwan has implemented the Reclaimed Water Resources Development Act which has put reclaimed water in focus. The latest MOU on reclaimed water signed between SUEZ and Forest Water Environmental Engineering gives full play to the advantages of both parties by establishing a cooperation platform that helps reduce the pressure on water sources and stabilizes the demand for industrial water, thus promoting the sustainable development of local water resources.

Kuo Shu-Chen, Chairman of the board of Forest Water Environmental Engineering, said, “Our company has been involved in environmental engineering for over 14 years in Taiwan. We look forward to forging a strong partnership with SUEZ, a world leader in environmental solutions, to grow the reclaimed water business in Taiwan by leveraging SUEZ’s strong reclaimed water treatment capabilities and our deep understanding of the Taiwan market.”

Tim Huang, Senior Vice President of Greater China of SUEZ – Water Technologies and Solutions, said, “Providing customer expertise and products through the service model is a new model that we have been actively exploring. With this long-term service contract, our experts can directly enhance the operational efficiency of the customer's WWTP through the digital platform. Meanwhile, we can also follow up directly on the membranes with a complete replacement program. These services give our customers truly complete protection during the 12 years of operation of the MBR. We strive to be a trusted partner for our customers, providing similar services to more customers in Greater China.”


*Trademark of SUEZ; may be registered in one or more countries.

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