SUEZ NWS further expands partnership with Changshu through first joint solid waste management project

On 22 August 2018, SUEZ NWS through its joint venture1  signed an operations and maintenance (O&M) contract with Changshu for the treatment of the construction waste in the Jianghe Tiarong area. This project further expands SUEZ NWS’ partnership with Changshu which already encompasses water supply, municipal wastewater and industrial water treatment. It is the first joint environmental project between the two parties in resources recycling and recovery, which will help the municipal government optimize its resources management.


The JV, with a 35/65 equity split between SUEZ NWS and Changshu Water Investment and Development Company Limited, is responsible for recycling and disposing of scraps, construction and demolition waste and industrial waste in the city and transportation and landfill disposal of domestic waste. The project located in Jianghe Tianrong will be operated and maintained by the JV with a daily treatment capacity of over 2,000 tons. The JV will sort, crush and sift the construction and demolition waste to meet the requirements of integrated use, incineration or landfill, with a comprehensive utilization rate over 70%. In addition, the Construction Material Renewable Resources Recovery Center project will enter into construction shortly. The JV will be involved in the construction and the O&M of the project, which mainly provides landfill for unrecoverable construction waste from the downtown area and fly ash from domestic waste incineration plant.


“This is our first joint project for resources recycling and recovery with SUEZ NWS. We see it as a major milestone in our expanded partnership”, said SHEN Xiaodong, Executive Vice Mayor of Changshu, “We are hoping the partnership will improve Changshu’s resources management and help address its environmental challenges. We also want to use this opportunity to break new ground and seek innovation with a view to expanding our footprint of win-win cooperation to neighboring cities. This will set a new model of mutually beneficial partnership with a multinational firm and inject new momentum into our future cooperation.”


“This project builds on our strong, decade-long partnership with Changshu and is another testament to our shared commitment to circular economy and sustainable development”, said Steve CLARK, CEO of SUEZ Asia, “I believe given our aligned interests, we will surely be able to provide the best environmental solutions for more sectors and customers and help achieve the ambitious environmental targets of the Chinese government.”


The partnership between SUEZ NWS and Changshu started in 2006 with the creation of Changshu Sino French Water, a JV providing city-wide integrated water supply services set up with Changshu Urban Construction Public Assets Management Company Limited. In 2015, SUEZ signed a strategic partnership agreement on wastewater treatment with the municipal government to advance integrated water supply and drainage. It broadened the scope of cooperation to wastewater treatment. Currently SUEZ NWS has a total investment in excess of RMB 1 billion in Changshu and provides integrated water supply, wastewater and industrial wastewater treatment services for the 2 million-plus residents and industrial and commercial customers in the city. Its daily water supply capacity stands at 875,000 m3 and wastewater treatment capacity 120,000 m3.

1 Changshu SUEZ NWS Environmental Management Co., Ltd.


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