SUEZ opens the 4th R&D Center in China to focus on innovative water treatment solutions

Following the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Water Research Center, Waste R&D Center and Chongqing Sino French Environmental Excellence Research and Development Center, SUEZ unveiled its 4th research center in China on 30 August 2018 in Shanghai. The new center, focusing specifically on developing innovative solutions for Chinese customers, will not only improve the research capabilities of SUEZ Group further in China but also provide vital technical support for its further penetration in the water treatment market across China.


The new center, founded in 2003 and formerly known as GE Water & Process Technologies Shanghai Research Center, is now an integral part of SUEZ’s global R&D network and is in China and for China. The products of the new center are tested to better serve Chinese customers, including our research and development is mainly for Chinese customers.Specialized in water treatment, it targets five basic research areas of chemistry, materials, bio-engineering, chemical engineering and environmental science, and focuses on the removal of non-degradable Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), advanced membrane/electro-separation, zero liquid discharge solution for highly concentrated wastewater, digital technology and services, efficient and green water treatment solutions and solutions for sophisticated chemical processes. For example, the advanced bioreactor developed by the Chinese team has been applied to refractory organics treatment economically and efficiently.


Innovation has been at the heart and in the DNA of SUEZ. SUEZ is tackling environmental challenges through a structured open innovation policy and digital innovation. In 2017, it invested EUR 92 million in R&D. With 650 experts and researchers in 17 research centers around the world, and a portfolio of over 3,700 national patents, SUEZ innovates every day with its teams and partners, for smart and sustainable resource management.


“SUEZ has made encouraging progress on innovation. It is truly exciting to think of the wealth of experience of our professionals and our continued investment in R&D and more exciting about the infinite possibilities for the future”, said Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia, “Today we not only celebrate the inauguration of the new research center but also the opening of the new office building for SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions in Greater China. It will significantly improve SUEZ’s technological knowhow but also increase synergies among different business divisions. I’m convinced this will help China and the world at large to better address resource challenges today and going forward.”


Tim Huang, Senior Vice President for Greater China of SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, said, “our professional teams have 15 years of extensive experience in the R&D of new products and processes. We have come up with many product lines and core competencies and integrated solutions based on such core competencies. I believe the new research center will better harness local R&D to help Chinese customers gain strong economic and social benefits, and jointly contribute to beautiful China.”


After the acquisition of GE’s Water & Process Technologies business in 2017, SUEZ has combined its industrial water activities and created a new Business Unit called SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions. By combining the strengths of two world-leading and highly complementary water businesses, SUEZ now owns a best-in-class industrial water solutions and services platform. The operation has boosted SUEZ’s research capabilities and laid a solid foundation for it to become a global leader on industrial water treatment.

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