SUEZ NWS partners with CNOOC for the green development of Hainan’s petrochemical industry

SUEZ NWS Limited (“SUEZ NWS”) and CNOOC Enertech – Safety and Environmental Protection Co. (“CNOOC SEPC”) entered an agreement in Tianjin recently, to jointly establish SUEZ-NWS Environmental Management (Hainan) Co., Ltd. (“Joint Venture”) to co-develop the environmental businesses for petrochemical industry in Hainan Province.

Following the exchanges initiated in October 2016, SUEZ NWS and CNOOC SEPC have reached fully consensus in the aspects of market exploration, technical R&D, operation management, etc., and signed the strategic cooperation agreement at the end of 2016. This signing of the Joint Venture Agreement will lay the foundation for the parties’ in-depth cooperation in the field of environmental protection. SUEZ NWS and CNOOC SEPC will take the Joint Venture as a platform, to facilitate the upgrading and renovation project of Hainan Dongfang Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant to make it become CNOOC’s benchmark project of environmental protection, and to actively develop the related environmental businesses for Hainan’s petrochemical industry.

Mr. Liu Huaizeng – the President of CNOOC SEPC stated: " CNOOC, as a giant state-owned petrochemical enterprise, has always attached great importance to the environmental protection, knowing that environmental protection is the pre-condition and foundation for the petrochemical industry. CNOOC SEPC is the only company professionalized in environment within CNOOC. We are very pleased to cooperate with the excellent environmental companies, like SUEZ NWS, to learn from each other and to escort the green development of Hainan’s petrochemical industry together."

Mr. Steve Clark – CEO of SUEZ Asia said: "We are very honoured to partner with CNOOC SEPC providing environmental services to CNOOC’s plants in Hainan. The establishment of the Joint Venture in Hainan opens a door for our cooperation in the field of environment, I sincerely hope that we can further broaden our cooperation in more areas and fields."

Today, SUEZ NWS provides professional environmental management services for 11 large industrial parks in China, including: Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Suzhou Industry Park, Chongqing Changshou Chemical Industry Park, Changshu Advanced Material Park, etc. Many of these projects have become the benchmark in China’s environmental field. With strong technical strength, R&D capabilities and rich operational experience, SUEZ NWS is committed to provide the optimal solutions of environmental protection and resources management for the industrial clients, to ensure the green development of Chinese industry.

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