SUEZ NWS develops its first wastewater treatment plant for electroplating industry in Xi’an

On June 7th, SUEZ NWS Limited (“SUEZ NWS”) enters into an agreement with China Aviation International Base Development Co., Ltd. (“CAIB DC”) to provide electroplating wastewater treatment services to Xi’an Yanliang National Hi-Tech Aviation Industrial Base (“CAIB”). This project marks SUEZ NWS’ first expansion of its wastewater treatment businesses into a brand-new field – electroplating industry.

According to the agreement, the joint venture (“the JV”) is established with a registered capital of 35 million RMB, in which SUEZ NWS and CAIB DC hold the shares of 90% and 10% respectively. The JV plans to invest 80 million RMB to build and operate an electroplating wastewater treatment plant (“the Plant”) of 5,000 m3/day in CAIB to treat the industrial wastewater from the Surface Treatment Park and provide related services.

CAIB that was approved by National Development and Reform Commission is the first national aviation industrial base in China and the only National Economic and Technological Development Zone focused on aviation industry in the country. To satisfy the development needs, it is decided to build the Surface Treatment Park of 180,000m2 in CAIB, to implement centralized management on a large number of aviation-parts manufacturers that are located in CAIB or moved from Xi’an city. CAIB DC is its wholly owned subsidiary, which invests and manages projects covering aviation science and technology, municipal utilities, urban infrastructures, etc.

The Surface Treatment Park produces large amount of industrial wastewater every day that contains high content of heavy metal and various hazardous components, which brings crucial environmental challenge to the park. The cooperation of SUEZ NWS and CAIB DC will provide professional environmental services to the Surface Treatment Park and strong support in terms of environmental protection for the development of CAIB.

Mr. He Liang – the Director of the Administration Commission of CAIB said “SUEZ NWS is the leading player for environmental services in China. We feel assured to entrust SUEZ NWS to build and manage the wastewater treatment plant for Surface Treatment Park. It will be the most important environmental guarantee for the park’s sustainable development.”

Mr. Steve Clark - CEO of SUEZ Asia said: “We are very pleased to work together with our partner to develop the first plant for electroplating wastewater treatment in CAIB. It shows the strength of our technical competence to treat sophisticated wastewater. By leveraging the group’s know-how and expertise, we will ensure a nice environment and safe operation of the Surface Treatment Park of CAIB.”

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